[Arc 1] ch.8 The Crown Prince fiancée

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Master already returned to his guild and everything goes back the way it used to be before I've come across by that powerful swordsman. Having him around seems perfect, and he treated us as his family for five years. He was the father we never had. He was caring, responsible, carefree, and sometimes strict. The sun was up in the sky adorn with beautiful cluster of clouds. I could almost see different kind of animals on the cloud's peculiar shape. Arwin was training his phoenix how to fight and it was having a sparring match with Ashgrif.

The majestic wolf agreed on the little competition, because I promised Ashgrif, that if he will cooperate, I will give him beef for dinner. As per instructed he was now fighting with that grown crimson fowling. I was in the garden together with mother and we were having our tea session, when suddenly, a familiar sound of trumpets was overheard.

The noise was coming from the front gate, seconds later, Claire appeared in front of us bringing an announcement that the royal messenger was here to deliver an announcement from the royal family. Mother and I instantly looked at each other because we didn't get a message or a letter that the royal messengers would be visiting us. Mother stood up from her seat and I did the same.

"Let them in, and we will attend to them in the living room." Mother stated with her usual soft voice and headed inside the mansion.

I flattened the creased in my dress and heave a deep sigh, before following mother, who was now heading inside the mansion. I know that mother was thinking why would all of a sudden a royal messenger would be visiting our humble estate. If anything happened we must be on our guard, but we must never show hostility towards the messenger and just welcome them like a good host.

"Ashgrif!" I called for the majestic beast.

Even though Ashgrif was on the courtyard sparring with Blaze, Arwin's phoenix, the legendary beast has a great sense of hearing and I'm very sure Ashgrif heard me clearly. In just a mere second, a gentle tornado appeared in front of me. The smoke from the dust was circulating, and the silhouette of the magnificent beast was visible. When the smoke cleared out, Ashgrif was standing proudly beside me, before nuzzling his snout at my neck.

I patted his head and he let out a soft whirr, and his beautiful eyes looked at me.

"Some royal messengers are here, Ashgrif. Please protect us if something bad is going to happen." I instructed him.

He whirred softly as agreeing to what I just told him.

As of the current situation, I have the temporary ownership of Ashgrif, and I was yelping in happiness because of the privilege master had given to me, before he went back to his kingdom. The beast nodded at my orders and he escorted me inside the mansion.

When we entered the living room, all eyes were on me and Ashgrif. The wolf let a growl that made the messengers of the royal palace flinched in fear as they examined my big white flaming wolf. Mother and Arwin were sitting on the couch, while besides them were Claire and our own personal knights.

So they were waiting for me.

I chinned up and graced on the empty couch, while behind me was Ashgrif following my every stride. He was like a menacing guard that was ready to lunge an attack, if anyone here would do something stupid.

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