chapter 5

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I was sitting on the side watching Darious get me a drink when my phone rang, i answered hearing an unfamiliar voice.

"Is this Dezyre Johnson" A man asked i could hear talking in the background but it was real queit.

"Yes why?" i asked not wanting to know the answer.

"We have your er...son? here he was caught walking with a gun specifically and Ak-47 you have until about 12:30 to bail him out." I looked at the see it was already 12.

"fuck" i mumbled hanging up. I got up grabbing my purse and going to Darious. "Kari got into some shit we gotta go bail him out" he smacked his teeth looking at me.

"That nigga gone learn to not fuck around where the fuck he got the damn gun man just...lets go" He went and got Jace and Trisha and we headed out.

"Where the fuck was he going with one of my guns anyways!" Darious snapped angrily i just assumed it was rhetorical so i didn't answer.

He was speeding cause the bail place was an hour from the cruise ship, y'all probaly wondering how we even got off! Darious paid the guy extra to take one of the safety boats they had on board and it worked, good thing we weren't that far from shore.

We pulled up to the bail place at approximately 12:28 and rushed inside. Darious pulled out a stack of money and placed it on the counter the policeman counted it out and handed him back 100 before they bought Kari from the back. My instincts got to me and immediately slapped him.

"Why you did that ma I'm just defending my little sister Trey tried to rape her man" i looked at Darious and i could've sworn i saw smoke coming from him, i could tell he was pissed cause he was red.

"Good job Kari I'm glad you at least tried but Imma take of this nigga what you say his name was?"

"Trey" Darious nodded somebody gone die tonight but i ain't feeling sorry for him, an 18 year old trying to fuck a 15 year old what kind of shit is that?!


I put Diamond in the crib and sat on the bed with the girls. "So y'all alright right?" i asked Bree nodded looking down.

"This the first time you ever cared" Lala said turning her nose up at me.

"Whats wrong with you?" she ain't answer so I'm gonna leave it at that.

I couldn't help but think about Kari I'm hoping he ok, i remember back when it was my third birthday we ain't like each other back then but our parents forced us to be together. Kari almost made me drown but ended up handing me a floaty to hang onto. However i ain't giving him nothing big cause i dont wanna be played i seen how he do the girls at school. I was so wrapped up in my thoughta that i didn't notice my dad was in the room with kari. I panicked sliding under the covers.

"C'mon baby girl we need to go plus you got a doctors appointment tomorrow" i peeked looking at him, he smiled.

"I already know you got on his shirt he told me why" i looked at Kari he shook his head indicAtinG he didn't tell him about everything that really happened.

"Alright" i got out of the bed and slid on my skirt keeping the shirt on.

I walked out behind my dad bad quickly ran back giving Kari a kiss on the cheek. We left but Lala just kept mugging me, i ignored it thinking of it as nothing.


"KIDS GET Y'ALL ASSES DOWN HERE!" i yelled they both came running downstairs, dezyre went upstairs to check on Diamond.

"So i hear what happened Bree" i said looking over at her she quickly put her head down.

"Dad don't be mad at her this all my fault i am one hundred percent at fault" Kari took a step infront of her to face me. I could see Bree looking at him in shock."I told her to go cause i wanted to be with Trice....alone" I nodded looking him straight in the eye, he was telling the truth.

"You put your sister in a lot of danger" he nodded it's amazing how they argue but he defends her and takes blame for everything. she does even if he didn't do nothing.

"I understand that so i was wondering if i could come with you since i know you gonna go kill Trey anyways" I nodded hugging them. "I swear y'all two are a mess!" they smiled i let them go Kari headed back upstairs but Bree followed me.

"Wassup" i asked sitting on the couch she plopped next to me.

"I want you to know how much i appreciate this and you, i know i can be a handful but i wanna help you with anything" i nodded looking at her.

"You can help me by finding one of them guys that don't just wanna fuck you make it easier on us all and find a good boy" she frowned i laughed alittle.

"I wanna be like you and mama"

"naw you be better than us and bw whatever it is you wanted to be cause if you find your way to the streets imma beat your ass ight back on track" she giggled, hugging her besides them mood swings i would say its pretty cool having a teenage daughter, hopefully she set a good example for her little sister though.

We sat there for about an hour until falling asleep.


We walked in the house, everybody went straight to their rooms. Jace was getting undressed to take a shower so i did the same.

"Lemme take a shower with you" i said he shrugged going in the bathroom. We stepped in the shower together and stared into each other's eyes.

"Trish why you said yes to marrying me if i get on your nerves that much"

"cause i wanna be with you..." he nodded turning away bathing and getting out i did the same thing following him.

"Don't need a towel we can dry off in the sheets and when you think you like it i promise you gone love it" he turned around with a smile i smirked dropping the towel.

"Really Trish?" he asked dropping the towel he had.

He pushed me on the bed and we got busy ;).


I went downstairs to see the perfect father daughter moment. Bree was laying on Darious' lap and he just had his head back. I snapped a picture waking him up.

"Take her to her room and meet me upstairs everybody sleep." He nodded throwing her over his shoulder and taking her to her bed. I waited in the room for him to come back. He took a shower and cuddled me, for the first time our cuddling didn't turn into something more.





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