chapter 6

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I woke up around 6 and went to the bathroom doing my hygiene. I cam back out to see my dad in my room.

"Why you ain't in there with your favorite daughter" i asked with an attitude putting my hand on my hip.

"Delylah what the hell happened to you? you used to my little girl like an angel now you like a fucking she-devil" i shrugged going to my closet but he yanked me back.

"I know you jealous of your sister but you can at least show me some respect"

"I ain't jealous!" i yelled snatching away.

"Obviously you are imma tell you a story come sit on the bed" he patted the spot next to him.but i didn't sit.

"Well fine then.....anyways once upon a time there was a girl, she was always so grumpy and just mean to her older sister until one day her older sister became famous that bitch tried ro get some money but her sister wouldn't let her the bitch ended up dieing of starvation and from being beaten by her baby daddy the end" i cracked a smile sitting on the bed.

"So I'm the bitch" i frowned thinking about it.

"You will be if you don't get your shit together and grow up she's your sister not your worst enemy at school you need to treat her like you wanna be treat Now imma tell you a secret she don't even know i did and i don't want you to ever go and tell her this" i nodded looking up at him.

"Well when i was younger than i am now your mom was pregnant with you but of course Trice mama was still in the picture cause i had to pay child upport even though i had custody so she came to the trap or whatever and i wasn't feeling it i accidentally on purposely killed the bitched i mean i stomped her ass into the ground literally i kind of feel bad cause she was pregnant but i got over it" I stared at him and he stared back.

"What you told me that for"

"Don't be that dumbass babymama that gets beat down and killed.

I shrugged getting u o going in my closet. "So you don't love me huh?" he asked, i shook my head looking at him.

"You treat Trice waay better than me so why be good if i never get awarded?" he came over to me and picked me up.

"If you would've given me a chance to reward you than i would've but you always pissed off i just don't bother with you" i knew he was right but i don't care fuck it.

He walked out and i got dressed for the doctors appointment me and Trice had.


I walked down the aisle of the hair store with Diamond and Bree cause she need some soray or whatever. I saw one of my used to be hoes from the hood walk in. She bald headed as fuck was all i could think about. I instantly smiled walking up behind her.

"Cause your a hood girl and you know it

You look so different without weave

Just hold on ill get a comb" i sang handing her a comb and the bitch took it! I laughed walking beside her.

"the fuck you want Darious" she asked looking at the weave aisle.

"you still giving that good head?" she smirked looking at me.

"Anything for you" she walked off twisting mighty hard maybe I'll drop by.

"Daddy we ready" i heard Bree call to me from the cash register. I made my way over and we went out somewhere else.

After paying we headed home.




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