Chapter 4

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I sat in the backseat with Trisha as her and Jace went on about some shit. She was just bout to talk when he reached back slapped the shit out of her. Darious pulled over.

"Jace step out the car with me for a second" They both got out the car, i looked over at Trisha.

"You ok Trisha" i said rubbing her arm. She nodded.

"He never hit me before" she said sounding so shocked.

I shook my head getting out thw car to see Jace smoking and Darious talking to him. "Jace th fuck wrong with you?!" i snatched the blunt out his hand but darious snatched it back handing it too him.

"Dezzy this got nothing to do with you just go back in the car we coming" he said calmly i slapped him, he just sat there and was queit.

"I'm ready to go home" i snapped getting back in the car.


I don't know what the fuck got into Dezyre but she ain't hit me in years and i forgot how that shit felt!

"I don't know man I'm getting a divorce and i caught her with on of the workers she say they wasn't doing shit but i don't believe her" Jace don't know he got anger issues, i don't know how he went from a infant to a grown ass man without realizing it.

"Maybe you should go to a therapist" he nodded handing me the blunt before getting in the car.

"Trish I'm sorry but i think.we shoud take a break" she just nodded sitting back Dezyre glared at me but we was gonna go on this dance thing if i got to kill her and drag her spirit there with me!


We were standing outside when Trey and one of his friends pulled up, trey is a 18 year old who goes to a private school but he's about to graduate soon. I know I'm only 15 but 3 years ain't that much. I smiled getting in the car and Lala followed.

"What we doing baby?" i asked kissing his cheek he smirked.

"We gone go to my house" i nodded putting on my seatbelt. We drove to the real hood part of the and pulled up to this house. It was alot of niggas there but long as trey was here i felt safe.

I followed Trey to his room where he closed and locked the door." What you doing?" i asked as he pulled me to the bed.

"just go with it" he smiled sitting on the bed and kissing me pulling me onto his lap.

"Trey" i whispered as he kissed down the side of my neck.

"Wassup ma" i pushed him away sitting on the bed."If you love me you'll let me do this" he said pulling me close.

"I do love you but Kari and my family they ain't gone allow this maybe another time?" he smacked his teeth.

"If you don't let me I'm gone break up with you" i sighed letting him do what he wanted i ain't wanna lose him i feel like im really in love!


All these niggas was surrounding me and only one of them was fine. I'm ready to go but Bree upstairs ith her man, i guess i can have some fun. "What y'all niggas want!" i said sassily looking at all them.

"Shit babygirl I'm just tying to taste some of you" onw of the ugly guys said but he won't be included.

"Nigga you never gone get a piece of me looking like one of the zombies from thriller" they all laugh he mugged me whispering to one of the other guys. I rolled my eyes getting up but them two guys followed. I went to the room door knocking, "Bree I'm ready to go" i yelled knocking again.

Trey opened the door looking at me he had only boxers on and i saw Bree under the covers looking scared. "What you doing to her nigga" i snapped running in there.

"I wanna leave" she whispered to mw, i could tell she was scared.

"Get dressed girl we bout to go now" i told her handing her all her clothes, i grabbed a pistol off the nightstand looking at Trey.

"Fuck you" he spat leaving out the room. Bree quickl got dressed and we left out the window and ran back to the house.


I had Trice laying close to my chest, Diamond was still sleep thankfully she ain't need much o bw taken care of. I smiled looking at Trice, "Damn you sexy" she blushed looking at me.

"You jus trying to.find the way into my pants and that ain't happening" i smiled kissing her cheek she sat up and looked at me.

She got out the bed and went out to the crib picking up Diamond, i watched her."You want kids?" i shook my head she frowned coming and sitting on the bed with me. "Why not?"

"Cause they bad you live with Lala and i know she give Jace a hard time all the time"

"Yea true but that don't mean nothing just cause one kid bad don't mean thats gone happen to all of them like you for example" i smirked shaking my head.

"I'm a good boy in bed" she blushed even more i held her till Bree and Lala burst in.

"Trey tried to rape me!" Bree yelled Lala had a fucking pistol in her hand.

"Alright y'all calm down while i go beat this nigga ass" they nodded sitting in the room.

I got dress in all black everything and went into my parents room, i pressed a button to switch the clothes closet to the gun closet, my dad think i don't know bout this being here! i grabbed an Ak-47 ain't nobody bout to mess with my sister without getting away with it!




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