chapter 8

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We pulled up to his house and i just felt sick out of nowhere. "I can't Stacy just take me home" i said laying back.

"Why c'mon you tempted me this whole time now you can't"

"I ain't feeling the best no more" i opened the car door throwing up." Please just take me home stacy" He sighed starting the car and going towards my house.

After he dropped me off he left, i took a shower and took a nap before i needed to cook dinner.


i was making out with this girl when i saw Lala running towards me. "Hold up" i said meeting Lala half way to see she was crying.

"Can you take me to the store" i pulled her into a hug just as Bree walked over.

"what's wrong Lala" she just shook her head.

"I might be pregnant" she cried making us both look at her with shock.

"How you might be pregnant" Bree asked.

"I was fucking this guy named Pete he 24 and he came in me" i rolled my eyes.

"You need to go tell your parents for real Delylah they need to take you to a clinic" Bree said as we started walking her to a corner store.

"No they cant find out y'all keep y'all mouths shut!" she snapped.

"Lala yo dumbass if your are pregnant you ain't gone be able to hide it from them once you 3 or 4 months so i suggest you just tell them now!" i snapped back at her don't be a hoe if you can't take the consequences!

I walked behind them while they talked infront of me damn Lala gone get her ass by Jace!


I walked in the house thinking it was empty. I ran upstairs to see Dezyre laying there sleep with diamond in her arms. I smiled coming and getting in the bed with her.

"baby" i whispered in her ear, she shifted some."baby girl" i whisered again she reached back and slapped me i yanked her hair causing her to punch me this time.

"Why you always hitting me?"

"Fuck off darious go fuck another set of twins you manwhore"

"c'mon baby don't be like that" i rubbed her arm she looked a me with tears.

"Don't think you can play me i ain't fuck stacy but i was going to but first i got sick and second i just wasn't up to it anymore" i nodded kissing her cheek.

"You smell good lemme get some"

"You had enough for today" i smiled rubbing her skin she's so smooth damn i just wanna make it up to her!


After about 2 or 3 hours i decided to just head home it was getting late anyways and ahit i was hungry but i ain't eating trisha food she can't cook. I drove through McDonald's and got us all something to eat before heading home. Lala was standing outside i guess waiting for me? I got out the car and handed her the food she looked worried or something but she probaly ain't gone tell me.

"Daddy can i talk to you bout something?" she followed me in the house and all the way to the kitchen qhere Trice was.

I saw them trade looks and then look back at me. "Lemme eat first" i said sitting at the table.

"Naw daddy for this i think you might as well wait you might throw up" trice said i looked at strange its that serious that they gotta interefere with me eating.

"Imma need a belt?" Trice shrugged i looked at Lala she was literally shaking.

"Well uhm today when y'all was out i-"

"Don't continue i already know what you bout to say and it's ok i promise" they both looked at me surprised.

"No daddy let her finish cause it ain't ok what she bout to say"

"So you ain't sneak out the house?!" she shook her head i was relieved.

"I....I might be pregnant" when those words came out her mouth i got mixed emotions i know i shouldn't be happy though. I got in a zone i couldn't even take in what she had said!

"Dad" she said but it was only a blur to me, I can't think straight i just lost my appetite which rarely happens.

Trice touch my shoulder but all I'm thinking about is beating the baby out of her for real. "Come here Dalylah" i said looking at her.

"What part of don't hoe around didn't you get?" she shrugged looking at me.

I took deep breaths and went upstairs to where Trisha was. "Do you know that our daughter down there saying she pregnant?!" she looked at me then nodded. "I should kill yo ass fo not tearing her up"

"Why would i beat her she could lose the baby"

"Fuck the baby! She being a hoe fucking niggas older than me and you ain't beat her one time!" i yelled she rolled her eyes ignoring me. I ain't even gone try to get it through her head. I grabbed a hanger cause i ain't using a belt she ain't even on a belt level right nah.

"Jace you ain't bout to touch her!" trisha said getting off the bed.

"Fuck you i want you and your shit out the damn house you just like kendra!" she sat back down watching me go downstairs.


i left the kitchen when my dad cane back down there with a hanger, she really bout to get it probaky worse then madea give em.  bet she ain't gone never hoe around then!




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