chapter 1

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Hey, yup its me, i can no longer call myself the babymama of a thug as of 15 years ago when i became widey, things have been going pretty except with Kari, he's given a hard time ever since he turned five, Darious is still in the game and it seems like the only people with real sense is Diamomd, Aubree and Me. Not much has changed besides our age, we 35 and still rocking the young look not thst 35 is old however. Ever since our wedding day everything has been perfect we rarely argue and we live in paradise every day. Things have calmed down in the streets since everybody knows whose boss around here. I finally was able to get to being a pediatrician and i love it! Kari attends Lakeside High in 10th grade while Aubree is in 9th grade. Kari is very protective over his little sister but he causes alot of trouble at home in school just everywhere.

We were all having a cook out together at our house inclusing kemia,stacy, Jace, trisha, me, Darious, Aubree, Diamond, Kari, Trice, dalylah or LaLa and the twins Cj and Dj, The kids were upstairs while the adults were downstairs, i was cuddled up under my babe, while he smoked weed.


I'm sitting in the room with Trice fine ass, i know we supposed to be like cousins but i never remembered her looking this sexy before! The twins were in the room with Bree and Lala and it was just us two alone together, i lost my virginity at 12 to one of my many hoes cause everybody wanna get this dick i got fucking gold in my pants. Bitches fall to my feet, my dad keep telling me imma learn to stop doing what I'm doing but shit he old why should i listen? he may be owning the streets but pretty soon I'll be doing what he doing even better!

"So what you wanna do?" Trice asked plopping.on my bed next to me.

"If you ain't talkin money ion wanna talk!" she lauhed i smirked scooting closer to her.

"Why you such a goody goody let your hair down have fun babygirl" she looked at me, damn she was beautiful.

I leaned over to kiss her until Lala busted in. "Get your ass out!" I yelled but then the twins and Bree came in. "Did i not make myself clear?! Get y'all asses out i got a bebe gun under my bed i ain't scared to use it!" they rushed out closing the door. I got up locking it and sitting back on the bed.

"I don't know Kari" Trice said scooting away.

"C'mon when have i ever lead you to do wrong" she thought about it for a minute.

"Only time was when we were five and we go in trouble at Disney world cause you wanted to steal minnie mouse's bow" i nodded smirking. "I guess if you don't take it too far" she said softly. Trice looks like logan browning but only a bigger ass since Jace her dad she be on point with schoolwork cause she working to become a lawyer.

I leaned over and kissed her she was already giving me a chance to enter her mouth so i took that oppurtunity. We made out for 5 minutes before i started to take it alittle bit further. I slowly leaned her back kissing from her lips to her jawline then down her neck.

"Mmmm Kari" she moaned, shit got me turned on for real. I got ontop of her grabbing one of her tits making her jump.

"Relax Tri" i said massaging her breast she shook her head sitting up.

"I can't Kari" she said moving and going to the door.

"Wait where you going?!"

"To the bathroom"

"Use mine" she nodded going in closing and shutting the door, i waited.


I walked down the hallway where i ran into stacy, Damn he fine as fuck! I looked up in his grey eyes he smirked.

"ain't kids only supposed to be up here?" i asked putting my hand on my hip.

"Food ready you wanna eat?" i nodded.

"I know you hungry so uhm...why don't we go in another room and you can eat me for dinner and desert" i smiled at how shocked he was.

"You under aged and you Jace daughter" he turned walking away leaving me standing there pissed off, trice always get the guys!


I sat in the room wit Cj and Dj watching orange is the new black. Cj was holding me from the back while Dj just laid next to me. "My dad will kill y'all so i think y'all should move" i warned but only Dj moved.

"Don't be daddy's little girl come out that shell so we can play" he rubbed my thighs i slapped his hand away getting up.

"Can you just leave please" i asked he shrugged walking out with his brother, Lala walked in as they left.

"Girl I'm gonna get stacy one way or the other" she said all hyped up.

"why you don't want a guy your own age?" i asked looking at her crazy, stacy was 32 years old and married to Kemia.

"Cause older guys got it all they got a house a car a big dick everything i need!" i shook my head.

"Your dad ain't gone like that Lala" she rolled her eyes.

"fuck jace my mom lets me do everything i want whenever i want I'm starting to think that he ain't even my daddy!" i just shrugged it off so i went offend her.

"Trey called again he wanna know if we wanna go to the movies i ain't going cause me and Kari gotta watch diamond while our parents go out.

"Imma stay over here then" i nodded she sat on the bed watching me play games on the computer.


We living the life, money, family,house, and car. I could retire at anytime! Apparently nobody teach Kari a perfect ass whoopin' he badder than ever i approve of the football and cursing people out when necessary but i don't know what im gonna do. I pulled Dezyre closer kissing her cheek, she smirked as Stacy came down.

Jace and Trisha were secretly arguing bout some shit cause the only way they get along, and the kids were upstairs, i had my babygirl with me and shit was going good as hell!



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