chapter 19

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The next day was already horrific knowing my sister is just with some dude that hates my dad, why the couldn't get me? I'm gonna find her before anyone else do but first i gotta do these morning announcements which i really wasn't about to do. I got the phone and started talking.

"I got a special thing to say to Trice and i want the hole school to hear it, and all hoes i call yo ass will be dropped!Anyway I'm hoping you gonna finally gimme a chance since I'm serious bout us i already put you through alot but I'm gonna stop now so can the hoes of the school, Alicia, Barakia, Lola, Nicki,ashely, markishe, and tsunami come to the front office" Them hoes came right up here i feel like I'm in a movie for real! I gave each of them a condom and walked out going to Trice window, she came out i hugged her.

"Uhm will you be wifey" i proposed to her with a ring pop yea I'm cheap but shit the pacifiers wasn't gonna be enough! She nodded and smiled so imma just go meet with the boys so we can plan out how to get my sister back!


I pulled up to the house around 12 pm to see Stacy car sitting there, Why the fuck he back so early?! I got out and unlocked the door and went to the living room.

"Aye Darious how the hell you take this shit off my head why i can't just get a hat with the camera?" Dezyre was sitting there looking pissed off so i came and sat next to her.

"You ok?" i whispered in her ear she just shrugged i looked over at stacy.

"Lets watch the recording so i can see what happened" i looked at Dezyre and she was already getting up i wonder if it's something i did?

I got the camera and accidentally broke it, Imma just have to go to Ricardo again to see it. "so can i get a hat cause i feel weird with that on my head" i nodded going upstairs to Dezyre first.

"Whats wrong"

"You better get Stacy, Darious  he got a wife and he just be flirting away he acting like we a couple! I slapped him he got ontop of me and start kissing me if you don't handle him I'm going to" I hugged her I'm pissed off at him for real.

"Imma handle it right now" i told her, i kissed her cheek going downstairs looking at Stacy.

"We gonna go over to Your nigga house now whats wrong?" he asked i could tell he was playing dumb though.

"You been trying to fuck my wife nigga we brothers you don't do that shit!" i yelled at him he got up trying to leave but i followed until his ass ran upstairs i fucking hate when he do this shit! I chased him literally all over the house until he was standing on the balcony trapped.

"I'll see you later Man" he said smirking i was lost as ever till he jumped off the balcony i know it ain't really that high but damn!

By the time i got downstairs he was already gone and left his car and everything! I fucking hate having a little brother probaly should've killed him 15 years ago...


I sat on the bed next to chris, i hate being here all these niggas do is smoke and i gotta be in the room with them. I been wear the same clothes for a day and i can take a bath just to get back in some dirty ass clothes.

"I'm hungry" i said looking over at him.

"Too bad" he said dryly looking over at me. I rolled my eyes looking away. Until stacy came in there.

"The plan is to find y'all and kill y'all" i could tell he was lieing so i wasn't mad at all now.

"How they gone find us they ain't get nobody to spy right?" if only they knew... Stacy just shook his head and sat down out of breath.

"I'm hungry" i said repeating myself over.

"I'll go get something for your" he got up and left Chris ain't say nothing, i wish i had a phone man!

"You got any other siblings i can take" i just shrugged I'm not gonna tell him about Diamond cause last thing.i need is for them to have my little sister here.

"Darious a cheater huh?" he asked i just shrugged again.

"Fuck you that's why you gone starve" he snapped i looked out the window and saw Stacy, he was talking to a guy I'm guessing from my dad's group.

Once chris got up i snuck and used his phone, i texted kari telling him where i was and not to text back before Chris came back, hopefully he don't tet back!


Darious came to the room pissed off i swear stacy always running, as grown as he is, he running like a two year old away from his mama.

"He bout to start shit again" he said plopping down on the bed.

"You got him with Chris he could turn any minute just remember that especially cause he got Bree in his care" he nodded letting out and aggravated sigh.

"Stacy get on my fucking nerves though!"

"Just calm down one day you can catch him.and beat his ass" he smiled calming down, i guess he was thinking about that.

"You right...Imma head over and watch this tape so i can decide my plan" i nodded kissing his cheek i guess I'll go head with Kemia.



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