chapter 15

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I went to the boys and told them to.keep an eye on.Jace I'm bout to handle this child thing right now i can't lose my baby man.I got in the car with the girl and she strapped carter into Diamond's carseat which was in my car of course.

"So why you wait two years to tell me this" i asked starting the car.

"It took me a while to find you i didn't know your name or nothing about you cause we just fucked for that night" i nodded she seems like a nice girl maybe if carter ain't mine I'll still give her alittle smething to help her out

"What you say our name is again?"

"Shae" i nodded and we drove the rest of the way in silence, i felt awkward remembering when i first found out about Kari and how i wanted to get a test but no s I'm definitely getting one. We pulled into  parking space and went inside. The nurse signed us in and we sat and a aited, i tried texting dezyre....i miss her already i hope she ain't serious about this Divorce shit.

We were called in back and followed the doctor. To tell the truth I'd rather be on maury they get the results done quicker. They swabbed each of our mouths then waited until the doctorcame back.

"The test should be back in about 2-5 days" i sighed Deyre probaly ain't gone be home till we find out. I dropped her back off to her car and she left going tw other way so i just went home. Dezyre car was still there so I'm gonna try to work this out now.


I stepped in the tub and slouched down closing my eyes, to be honest i haven't relaxed since me and Darious' honeymoon 15 years ago i heard a door shut and knew somebody was home, but I'm not getting out since i literally just stepped in. He came upstairs and into the bathroomi opened my eyes looking at him.

"I wanna take a bath in peace Darious"i said watching him strip down naked. He got in the tub and sat across from me aince the tub was one of those jacuzzi looking ones.

"I love you don't leave me Dezzy" i looked away but he just came closer making me face him. "Don't leave me" he whispered i just stared at him.

"Gimme the best reason you have cause you made me get fired you cheated three times cause fucking twins is basically like cheating twice, you get another girl pregnant we not bout to be stevie j and joseline!"

"But i don't know if he mine or not i got the test but we gotta wait a couple days...just stay up until i find out...please Dezyre" i looked away i guess i could wait but i ain't sleeping in our room.

"I guess..." i said grabbing a towel and getting out i grabbeb my lingerie and got dressed, i put on some shorts and a long shirt i checked the timw to see it was 3:30, the kids gonna be here in alittle so i guess i should start making dinner.

I got up and got a call from my mom i answered putting the phone on speaker. "Hey baby i was wondering if we could keep Diamond over night I'll come get some of her clothes"

"Yea ma that'll be fine" i said she just hung up, i hate when she does that she get her answer and nothing else you gotta say is important i guess she just don't wanna hear me telling her something like I'm pregnant again which I'm not but still.

Kari, Bree, and Trice walked in and came straight to the kitchen. "Where the cheetos at ma?" Kari said looking through the cabinet.

"I through them away cause you left them open and they got stale." he smacked his teeth and grabbed some cheese-itz signaling for Trice to follow but Bree stayed where she was.

"Can me and Lala go out to the mall?" she asked, i just nodded and continued cooking.


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