chapter 11

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Q. why do you want to kill your dad? Don't you feel bad for him?

A. Hell naw why the fuck i gotta feel bad for him?! He take care of me or whatever but he put his hands on me and i want him dead i don't give a fuck what nobody say if i knew how I'd kill him my damn self!

Q.Lala why you keep letting this nigga run/play you 24/7? I bet he gonna end up beating you and you gonna be running back to your daddy.

A. He ain't doing shit to me he obviously wanted to get me pregnant i took the pregnancy test it said positive and why would he beat me. What my dad said about his babymama don't mean shit and even if he did i won't be going back to my dad i hate him!


What Trice told me really had me on edge like the fuck? My own daughter after me damn! I'm lost for words but I'm gonna go ahead and get a DNA test cause trisha kendra sister and who knows what the fuck they planned. It was around 8 now and trisha ass stayed instead of getting her shit out of my house. I got up and took a shower and brushed my teeth and headed downstairs when i heard arguing outside the door who the fuck is this as early as it is. I peeked out the side window to see Lala and some older nigga arguing but then he yanked her hair. I came outside and watched.

"Who the fuck are you" the guy snapped with Lala's hair still in his hand.

"get in the house Delylah" she nodded as he let go she ran in the house.

I guess y'all can guess what happened next though cause yea we fought and yea i beat the nigga ass turns out he Lala baby daddy. We both pulled out guns on each other but only one gun was able to fire......


I woke up alittle early so i could make breakfast for Dezyred, she deserved it but this food looking good for real! I poured her some sweet iced tea and brought it to her with pancakes bacon and eggs. She was already up and looked at me when i came in the room.

"That's for me?" i nodded sitting next to her and handing her the tray.

"What time is it" i shrugged waiting for her to eat but she didn't. She reached over and grabbed her phone and her eyes got bigger."Thanks baby i enjoyed it but i gotta get to work!"

"Hell naw! you gone eat this shit if i gotta shove it down your throat I could be sleep but I'm being nice and you gone eat this!" she sighed sitting down and eating i just watched her but she kept checking her phone until i snatched it out of her hand. She rolled her eyes and ate giving me the tray. "Fuck wrong with you" i asked as she got up but she ain't say shit.

I got up and grabbed her arm but she snatched away "What Darious I'm already fucking late!"

"Calm yo ass down! the fuck wrong with you?!" she folded her arms looking away i ain't even gonna try to do nothing bout this.

I went in the bathroom knowing she was about to go in there and took my time, i mean she already mad so might as well make it worse. "Are you serious Darious you knew i was bout to go in there!" she bagned on the door but i ain't answer it she just gone have to wait.

"Go to the other bathroom"

"All my shit in here man you gone get me fired!" exactly what i wanted i ain't want her working at all but she snuck and got that job i let her go to medical school but i wasn't expecting her to actually wanna get a job!

I came out an hour later and she was just laying in the bed. She looked over at me but quickly looked away. "Whats wrong baby" i asked sitting next to her but once again let me be the one that gets beat she start punching AND kicking me. I grabbed her foot and her hand looking at her crazy. "Let me go fuck boy you did this shit on purpose i got fucking fired cause your selfish ass!" she hit me with her other hand so i got ontop of her holding her down.

"I did it for your own good baby i told you i got you i don't want you working" she struggled out of my grip but it ain't work.

"It ain't about what you want all the time!" she yelled but i just shushed her cause one i ain't wanna hear that and two i didn't want her waking up the kids.

"You calm yet or do i need to hold you"

"I'm calm" she lied i let her go and she start scratching me this time.

"Ok ok damn Dezzy calm down!" i got off her she went in the bathroom slamming the door.

I went over to Diamond crib to see her wide awake, another beautiful little girl i gotta watch out for I'm hoping she the calm one out of Bree and Kari cause both of them badasses. "You saw your mommy hitting daddy" she just smiled i picked her up and went downstairs to the kitchen. Kari was sitting at the table licking the cheese off the cheetos and putting them in the bag again.

"Aye hell naw take them bitches out the bag and eat them i learned the hard way when you was little i ain't going through that again!" he just smirked i know he ain't gone listen anyways.

"You better do what i say or Imma tell ya mama bout last night she already in a bad mood"

"What i did last night" he asked playing dumb.

"Snuck out to go see Trice i know everything"

He nodded quickly before taking them out the bag, we sat at the table for a while.until the girls came down. We ate breakfast and headed out just to be out the house for a while.



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