chapter 12

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Q&A ;)


Q.When do you get out of jail?

A.Shit I'm already out and I'm coming after Darious y'all be sure to tell him that shit too!


Q. Do you plan on letting kari have some of your candy?

A.well...maybe when I'm older my dad said wait so thats what I'm gonna do i mean he knows anyways from the things he's told me. 


Y'all are too cute, i can see y'all having a family soon -wink- if ya know what i mean.

Kari- haha i definitely know what you mean but this girl here ain't planning on having kids no time soon plus i don't want no bad ass mini me running around!

Trice- Lol i plan on it but it depends if we even still together we all know kari got hoes!


Q. Do you still love Darious?

A. I know it may not seem like i do but i actually love him very much well actually more than that but its just somwtimes he pisses me off and i just wanna beat his ass ya know?

Q. why won't you just chill and let Darious take care of you? he said he got you...

A. True he did say that but i just don't wanna be stuck sitting around being bored plus who knows if we ever break up (which i hope will never happen) who says he's gonna follow though qith what he said, i just wanna make sure i got some money that I made on my time and by myself.


Q.Do you love Trice or are ypu just trying to fuck and diss?

A.well i don't love her i just really really like her plus we don't even go out so i can't just love her, sometimes i wanna just fuck and then we have those moments where i feel like i just wanna propose to her with a ring pop or something know what I'm saying?

Q. Nigga why you only eat the cheese off of cheetos?

A. Lol cause once i ate the whole thing and it just kept getting stuck on my teeth so i was just like fuck you cheetos you can't be cheetos if you ain't got no cheese it would only be tos instead plus the cheese taste better then the actual chip to me i do the same thing with chicken i don't eat the meat i just eat the skin its just better that way ;)


Q.why you so in love with pete? Like he dogged you and wasn't even gonna let you stay at his house!

A. Me and pete go way back...nah I'm just kissing but thats my boo plus my babydaddy why not be in love with him and regardless i was gone stay at his house no big deal at all.

Q.why you gotta be a thot and have sex with older men? that ain't cute you gone be like ya auntie, a hoe and end up dead.

A. first of all i ain't gone end up like shit! Plus like i was explaining to bree older guys got monwy, cars,houses and all other things that can please me so the real question is why not? And i ain't a thot either.

Q.Are you gonna keep the baby?

A.yup i don't believe in abortions. you think you learned your lesson yet?

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