Chapter 9

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I fucking hate Jace he beat me and i got a baby.

"Get yo ass up you look like you wanna fight" i rolled my eyes looking up at him. This nigga grabbed my hair and i just had to snatch away then.

"I can stand up on my fucking own" i snapped but he slapped me in my mouth i just let the tears fall.

"You wanna act like a hoe you gone be treated like one" he yelled yanking me upstairs.

He still beat me it ain't hurt that bad but it did hurt. After about 10 minutes i dialed pete.

"My dad beat me cause you got me pregnant" i snapped.

"aight I'm on my way" he said hanging up.

i laid back on my bed until my mama came in i ignored her she ain't come up when i was getting my ass. "You ok" she asked i shrugged.

"Well he kicking us out"

"I aint going nowhere and he already told me i wasn't i moving with my babydaddy" she sat on the bed next to me i moved away.

"Babygirl he did it so you can earn your lesson"

"Bet Trice ain't get nothing compared to me" i already knew didn't cause thats his favorite he probaly fucking her.

"Actually he did up until she learned never to do those things again if you show him some respect he wont have to do you like that and you know that was your first real whoopen" i shrugged pete texted me he was outside.

I went out there to see he was with another girl. "Really and I'm having your child?"

"but she already had my child now what you want me to do with ya dad"

"I over heard my dad talking to a guy named Darious about some guy named chris in georgia, get with him set up a plan to kill my dad and then we'll be together for sure" he nodded i reached out to hug him but he pushed me away. "Fuck you too then"i snapped going back in the house. I took a shower and went to bed.


Trisha walked in the room and got in the bed getting comfortable. "Thought i told yo ass to get out" she shrugged laying under the covers.

"I thought i told yo ass to clean up the kitchen" she mocked rolling her eyes.

"I ain't cleaning shit you and kendra got them donkey teeth go ahead and scrape the pots clean" i paused thinking about how they did have the same shape teeth and mouth.

"that's cause me and kendra are and were sisters!" she snapped back at me.

Dayyuuummm i fucked up big time no wonder LaLa act the way she do!


It was around 6 pm and me, kari, and his friend mike were all walking back to the house. Our werkend was coming to an end since today was sunday, i liked school but bitches be trying me cause they wanna be fake to get with kari.

"Bree you wanna come on a date with me to the movies?" mike asked i looked at kari but he wasn't paying attention so i thought.

"She got other shit to do man plus you go with Ashley don't try to get my sister caught up with yall" mike shrugged and turned off going to his house.

"See y'all at school" he through up a peace sign and went into the house.

Me and Kari walked the rest of the way until we got home. I went to my room and took a shower i could smell that my mom was making spaghetti so i went in the kitchen and sat with her.


I was upstairs watching tv when an unknown number called, i ain't so it texted me with some dumbass threat I'm guessing I'm supposed to be scared? I went into Kari's we could discuss this trey situation.

"When we gonna go get this taken care of" he shrugged looking at me.

"I guess tonight at 12" i nodded.

"Oh yea how you know where my guns at?" he just smirked shaking his head.

"I used to watch you up until i was 6 and now i know where they at after ten years"

"well be ready i think sinner ready" i went downstairs to the kitchen sitting at the table.

"Dad you can't be in here we talking bout girl stuff" Bree looked at me and back at Dezyre.

"This my house though what y'all talking about"

"Boys and how stupid some can be" Dezyre looked at me.

"Thats interesting y'all keep talking" she frowned looking at bree.

"Have you ever been cheated on bree cause its not a good feeling and if a guy ever cheat on you beat the bitch ass and the guy" she shot me a look but shit i was just trying to eat i know where she going with this.

"Especially if its with twins" i added playing her little game, she mugged me and looked back at bree.

"I'll let y'all talk it out" she grabbed a plate and went to her room.

"You still mad at me?" she ignored me i swear she have mood swings we was just cuddled up earlier!

She got up brushing past me i followed grabbing her hand but she slapped me. "Babygirl please stop c'mon i promise I'll make it up to you i just wanted to have a threesome you ain't want that"

"Maybe i should go out and fuck two of your guys so we can have a threesome i bet you'd like that huh"

"Alright i get it we can work it out i promise" she nodded going upstairs i have no idea how i can make it up to her for real.



I got dressed and waited in the living room i had a gun but it might not work fast enough. Finally my dad came downstairs and handed me the same Ak-47 i had the last time.

"You ready?" i nodded and we left out.




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