chapter 17

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We pulled up to a house in the woods, this girl was still knocked out. I brought her in and all my niggas was there but this girl all mine right now.

"Damn she sexy as fuck" one of my niggas said as i put her on the bed in the room.

"Y'all keep her here she Darious daughter and uhm i haven't figured out what we gonna do to her yet but i hink i wanna kill her...." they all nodded i sat on the bed and watched her, she was just like her mama, if i fuck her maybe it'll be the same as fucking Dezyre they both probaly tight.

"Get her undressed we bout to wake her up to the D" they all smiled and cheered not knowing all them ain't bout to get shit.

They quickly stripped her down, she was still sleep though i wanted her to scream my name for real i plan on fucking her then just ending it I'll get addresses and stuff from her right before. They pour water on her making her jump up instantly. She jumped up cover her chest and crossing her legs tight.

"You a virgin ain't you baby girl?" my friend asked stroking her now wet hair behind her ear.

"I wanna go home!" she yelled pushing him away he grabbed her hands and gave her a perverted smile.

"Naw nigga she mine!" i said moving him, i picked her up taking her in a room closing the room.

"I wanna go home..."She cried i stood next to her.

"Go in the room get dressed but you staying here whats your dad phone number."

She gave me the number, i went in the other room and dialed the number he answered on the first ring probaly thnking its his daughter.

"Wassup man!" i said excited, i could tell he was pissed off.

"Chris i swear on everything i got you touch or hurt my daughter I'm gone give you a painful death" he threatened cause yea I'm gonna be scared...from what i heard i got more people than him!

"Well i already fucked her my boys fucking her now" he hung up the phone i smirked walking out to see my friend with a gun to her head, hs pants were down so i guess he was trying to get some head.

"Whats your name girl?" i asked she didn't say a word my friend gripped her hair tighter she squeezed er eyes shut.

"He said what yo name is shawty now tell him or imma fuck you up" She slapped himmaking the gun fly out his hand he h acked her up and slapped her. I could see she had hw fighting in her from both Darious AND Dezyre damn i wonder how Kari turned out?!

"Aye bro don't do that!" i said pulling her over by me.

"Nigga letz end this hoe!"

"Ya mama you dumb bitch ass pussy nigga. will fuck you up y'all only seeing the nice side of me cause y'all got guns y'all too soft to fight with hands!" she yelled but she wrong cause if i ain't got a gun I'll fight till i get one!

"Shut your little ass up chris please let me put an end to her talking" he looked at me then back at her i shook my head.

He grabbed her hair yanking her up "You gone join us?" he asked looking at me.

"Naw man it ain't a good idea I'm having doubts bout this whole thing!"

"Maybe you should join and get some head" he said i shook my head laying out on the bed. I need to come up with a plan to watch darious but how?


I sat at the trap talking to the stacy, I'm gonna send him to join Chris' gang since he ain't never knon or been around him. "Go on the website and sign up, have a meeting with him now i got an inspector gadget nigga he got all kind of spy tools he used to work for the national security of the president, try not to make it honest that you there for Bree, if you gonne kill one of them make sure stacy please make sure that you turn on your silencer" he just nodded, he got the laptop and started signing up he had to lie about some stuff but then shit was cool.

"So Imma start tomorrow cause Kemia tripping" he said.

"Yea that'll be better evrything will be out the way...he called me from a restricted number so i couldn't track him see if you can find out the real number so i can track it.

He nodded, we dapped and he headed out. I got a real good feeling about this plan, Jace couldn't participate cause he ain't really prepared so i gave him two weeks off to ge his shit ogether and cut Trisha AND Lala off he brought hwr into this world so he can sho take her out!

One of my other niggas ran in "Nigga Raz just got caught...AGAIN I swear he get caught like feelings do!" i laughed.

"What happened?

"He was stealing from some niggas and they got him but intead of killing him they rurned him in to the police!"

"Ightt I'll handle it" he nodded and walked out, i got my blunt and this room all to myself finally i got some peace.


I straightened up the kitchen,i hope Darious bring chris back so we can all get a chance to beat the shit out of him till he die! Kari came downstairs looking crazy.

"When dad gonna go get Bree" he asked i sighed knowing he would've asked that question.

"First we gotta find her" i said in almost a whisper i ain't wan him to know his little sister had been kidnapped by chris!

"What you mean we gotta find her!? Ma what happened?!" he asked i could hear his voice was alittle shaky.

"The guy thats been after your dad...chris...kidnapped her" i looked back to see him gone.

I rushed upstairs and saw that he was getting his shoes on and looking for a gun. "Kari no you not bout to get arrested your dad can handle it i promise" i said trying to sooth him.

"I can't just sit here who knows what he could be doing I'm bout to kill this nigga!" he yelled, he just took the ords righ ou my mouth to be honest.

I grabbed him pulling him into a hug "He got my sister" he said his voice was muffled i guess he was crying.

"I know kari she'll be back soon i promise just don't get into nothing" he nodded pushing away and sitting on the bed, I'm hoping my words were right!

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