chapter 21

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I been sitting here with pete since yesterday afternoon and all he do is complain. I still haven't heard anything from my mom so I'm gonna stay here with him.

"Baby you ok?" i asked he just continued staring straight at the tv. "You hungry?" I asked he looked at me with the weirdest look.

"I thought i told yo ass to leave!" he yelled slamming down the remote.

"I don't want to..." he pushed me off the bed so i pulled the plugs for all machines and ran out, he was still on the thing to help him breath better on his own and without that he probaly just gonna die. It was 4 something and i decided to try to go back to Darious house so i can see my dad. I was just walking out of the hospital when i saw Stacy getting out his car.

"Stacy!" I called out, he looked at me and got right back in his car, i went up to his door and got in. "Can you Take me to Darious house?" i asked.

"If you don't get yo hoe ass out my car I'm not here to take you nowhere now heres a five you go call a taxi or some shit Kari in the hospital and I ain't got time for you"

"Well what you want me to do to repay you?" i slowly slid my hand to his thigh, he just looked at me.

"Why you a hoe it don't make since man it really don't"

"I'm not a hoe!" i yelled at him, we both got quiet i still had my hand on his thigh and began trailing up, until his crazy ass attacked me!


After waking up an hour later i got up anx went downstairs. I'm still wondering what happened to my car, i guess theres no reason to go back to Ricardo i ain't even get though half the recording but i guess its cool. I went in the kitchen and saw Jace eating MY fucking oreos like what the fuck.

"Naw nigga put them bitches down you don't even eaf oreos the fuck?!" he just kept eating. "Plus you doing it wrong you gotta have the milk AND the cookie you can't just have the cookies"

"Fuck the milk but aye you can have the cream cause i know you like white stuff and all...."

"So now you calling me ga-"

"Y'all really arguing over oreos Darious its another pack in there" Dezyre interrupted me I'm pissed off about that shit.

"When you gone leave" i snapped at her she ain't answer and kept looking in the fridge I went over to her and closed the fridge she rolled her eyes. "Maybe i should go spend the night at the hospital instead so you can take a break from everything"

"Why you wanna go out there now i asked if you was staying and you said no"

"I changed my mind damn I'll just go" Jace nodded and walked out the kitchen, the fuck he nodding for?!

I went upstairs and got some stuff and headed out, to tell the truth. ain't wanna go out there since he gonna be alright but since he my son Imma go anyways.


I been feeling better and everything but i got a little bit of guilt, I'm thinking about moving away from Darious and his fam cause i don't wanna mess it up, after that night I'll never forget and I'm hoping nobody find out either!

"You ok Jace?" Dezyre asked coming into the family room.

"Yea" she sat next to me putting on a movie, not to long Bree came and sat next to her so i just got up.

"You acting weird Jace" Dezyre said pausing the movie i just stared at her.

"I'm just alittle...hungry" i lied, i went upstairs and took a nap might as well go to bed i guess!


My dad walked in and pulled up a chair next to me, I'm hoping he don't ask about the car cause I'm gone blame it on Lamar. I turned on a basketball game and watched it Heat vs The bulls of course the Heat gonna win, I'm pissed off about Lebron moving back to the Cavaliers though! Just as they was about to end the quarter my dad turned the tv off.

"Can i ask you something real important?" he asked, i nodded looking at him, please don't be about the car! "You know that Escalade that was parked in the driveway earlier?" Gosh damnit he asking about that shit Imma tell him i don't know or maybe i should fake like I'm having a heart attack.

"Listen dad things like this happen all the time, I'm sorry t i tell you-"

"That you crashed my car?" i just nodded of course his ass had to freak out over it for a whil then he finally calmed down.

"You gonna fucking get some money and get me that same car i had some important shit in that damn car!"

"I know but i got it all out for you...but its in the wokds close to chris secret hideout.."

"That's fucking great if you know you can't drive why the fuck didn't you ride a bike" funny thing is i forgot all about that but shit i ain't wanna look all lame riding a damn bike with guns to kill somebody!

"I don't have a bike" i lied he just shut up, everything he say I'm gonna use against him, I'm thinking maybe i should be a lawyer cause not only will i be able to kill the person who started it (even if it is my client) imma win every case....then maybe go to jail.

I turned the game back on to see the Heat losing so i guess I'm gonna be on The Bulls side since they winning you know what they say choose the winning team!



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