chapter 14

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I know Trice probaly mad at me but she ain't got nothing to worry bout, hoes will stay in they place or they gonna get shot out the picture, and yes the fuck i did say shot! Since we got a project to work on afterschool I'll talk to her then. I walked in class to see her talking to my nigga Lamar and they was having a deep conversation too.

"Why you talking to my girl?" i asked pulling a chair, we was in history and we ain't really use desks in this class.

"She said she was single don't trip over something that ain't yours" he said i just stared at Trice after all the shit we been doing experimenting on each other she go to my nigga instead of me!

"Uhm Trice what the fuck you said that?" she shrugged nt looking at me, i got up and went and sat by my hoe ashely she a freaky white girl and he got the curves of a black girl!

"You need something daddy?" she asked looking over at me giving a small smile, i just shook my head if Trice wanna do this shit then Imma join in with her let these games began!

I saw her staring over here while i worked with Ashely on the assignment so i decided to give her alittle show to watch. I kissed Ashely on the lips andvsaw Trice still staring over here till she looked away. I smirked pulling away she better recognize i can beat her at her own games. I looked over to see her op Lamar's lap whispering into his ear. He smiled and nodded she gave me a look then rolled her eyes. That shit got to me and i just had to say some type of shit.

"You better stop hoeing aroun before you end up like ya sister" she ain't look my way so i spoke again "I'm talking to you Trice" She got up and got her shit and stormed out the classroom. I never really intented it to go like this but anger gets the bezt of me, i guess I'd better go check on her!


I swear chris got no lifw I'm shutting this website down for real like who do some shit like that? Ain't nobody that stupid to turn on me they know they gone die! Jace walked in and sat next to me.

"You got some coke" he asked looking at me, i shook my head.

"Well if you talking about the drink i do but drugs we got them but i ain't giving them to you....wait you already been snorting nigga the fuck wrong with you?!" he shrugged looking at me.

"I'm having a hard time Trosha pregnant again Lala pregnant i just don't think i can handle it I'm gone give up"

"Don't man even if you and Trice gotta come over my house and stay for a bit you ain't gotta throw your life away especially with drugs find a new hobby imma give you a couple weeks o-"

"Hell naw i need this shit!" he yelled i just got quiet he really need some counseling. "Imma go help the guys snort i mean sort stuff" he got up i just shook my head looking at Dezyre.

"You know he just about to use up all the drugs" she said being smart, i just nodded.

I went in the other room to him and watched he was snorting the shit but i ain't bout to let him. I went over and blew everything off the table. "The fuck Darious!" he yelled getting up getting some more but i snatched it out his hand. "Stand down nigga" he snapped walking away i just followrd.

"Jace you know drugs ain't the only way to solve yo problems dude youbgot other options...wait a minute you crying?" he just shrugged smoking a blunt he really got some problems.

"Can you just go Darious i ain't got time for this right now " i snatched the blunt putting out cause for one that was my stress reliever and for two he ain't bout to do this now especially having Chris after us! He pulled his gun out aiming it at me.

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