Chapter 25

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"Darious....Darious...Mr.johnson" i slowly opened my eyes from the nightmare i had to, see a fucking police officer.

"we have some tragic news to tell you...." I prayed for the best i hope its just something like they can't find Bree or something, not to say i wouldn't be worried about her though.

"What is it?" i asked, i knew I'd regret asking this question when his words punched me in the face hard as they could.

"Your wife...Dezyre she passed away this morning and they couldn't revive her, so we need you to aign thw kids over to her mother or someone else you have in mind" I just broke down i really ain't mean to hurt her like that and now all this shit happening, i ain't gonna get to see Diamond grow up or nothing....Damn....

"Yea you know Jace williams...i wanna sign my parwntal rights and custody over to him..." he noddex, they got me and took me to the table and i signed the papers over,in a week i get to go to court so. can see how long I'm gonna be here, hopefully Kari takes over the gang for me i ain't gonna get out of here anyway.

I went back to my cell and sat down to think, i took out a blad i had hid and looked at my wrist. I'm really bout to do this...I may not go to heaven with ny Dez but at least i won't have to live through knowing i took my kids' mother away from them. I slowly sliced my neck and that was it.

The sound of heartbreak is deafeningly silent. You may not hear an audible crash, but those who have loved and lost know that lost love can shatter the heart.



KARI AGE 24- Da'kari has taken after his dad's footsteps and continued the game for him. He has Trice (his wife) and three beautiful kids, two girls and a boy. He still mises the family he used to have but he pushes that to the back of his head to suceed in what his parents would have wanted.

TRISHA AGE 35- Passed away a month after Darious came and stomoed her.

LALA AGE 23-Switched her life around and when she had her babygirl, she currntly is a mentor for young girls in California.

TRICE AGE 24- Married to Kari and became the lawyer she wanted to be.

BREE AGE 23- Currently pregnant with her first child after finally getting over the death of her parents she is happily engaged to riley.

JACE AGE 43- Retired from the game and is helping Lala take care of her 8 year old daughter.

DIAMOND AGE 8-Jace's god daughter and is currently on the right path in life, plans on being a pediatrician like her mother.

STACY AGE 41-Still occasionally acts crazy he is getting out of jail for getting caught up in chris' death and gang mess

CJ(STACY'S SON) AGE 23-Joined Kari's gang and is a big help with technology.

DJ(STACY'S OTHER SON CJ TWIN) AGE 23- Now a doctor for the crew and working on being a laywer.

KEMIA AGE 43-divorced stacy and moved to georgia where she ended up being a prostitute



REASON FOR ENDING- Originally i had planned to kill chris at the very end and then they go on living their lives but thngz happened and there was really no need to continue the story qith nothing for the characters to do

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