chapter 18

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It's five o' clock in the morning, so i decided to start stuff early, the twins were already up so i knew Kemia would make me drop them off to school. I did the usual then went downstairs fully dressed.

"Where you going" i heard Cj say from the kitchen, i looked over at they don't need to be knowing my business!

"Dropping y'all off to school then going to run some errands"

"You better not be seeing no hoes" Dj said they both smirked.

"I will shoot both y'all asses stay in a child place motherfuckers" i snapped they ahut the fuck up then cause I'm serious i will shoot them, maybe not with actual bullets but with somethings thats gone hurt!

They finished eating and i dropped them off by 6:45.I went to the mall and got some new shit, foe some reason to be in chris gang you gotta wear shit close to what Jay z wearing and i know his shit be expensive as fuck!

I changed in the car and got me something to eat from Ihop my favorite place. Around 8 i was on my way to the place Darious wanted to send me to, how i m now this nigga ain't trying to get me aressted plus why the hell did he still have his government shit this ain't spy kids!

I pulled up to a broke down ragedy piece of shit of a house and went inside to see it looked waay better on the inside.

"You darious nigga?" a spanish guy said coming out the back of the house i just nodded.

He came back out i guess holding something. "Put this on your forehead and keep it there it'll blend in with your skin its a camera you can record everything that goes on all plans and everything.

"Anything else?" he nodded handing me a gun.

"Me and one of his niggas got unfinished business kill em for me" i nodded and walked out i went to Chris trap and did the little knock he said to do so he could know it was me. I feel kin if weird cause its a camera on my head but i guess it's. cool. One of the guys opened the door and i went straight ro the roim chris called his 'office'.

"Damn stacy you went all out to impress a nigga huh?" i just nodded i looked over t see Bree, she mugged me hard but she ain't even know the reason why i was here which was for her ass!

"I hate Darious he fucking killed my family and he jumped me with his niggas i swear i just wanna blow his head off twice!" i said faking anger he so easy to trick cause he actually believed everything.

"Good and I'm gonna help you get back at him help me come up with a plan though" i nodded hr pulled out some pieces of paper like we making a grocery list or something! I made sure to face down and look closey at the paper. This nigga planned on taking out Dezyre!

I wanted to blow his ass up right then and there but i knew i would die and Darious wanted to take him out, how do i even know if this dumb shit on my head working?!

"So I'm gonna need you to go to Darious and pretend to be in his gang so we can take him out and be ready for the plan" he said handing me a blank piece of paper.

"So do i gotta live here or something cause i really don't want to"

"Then don't but you need to be working outside of this house" i got up folding up the piece of paper and walked out,.i heard Bree say she waS going to the bathroom so i sat out and waited, she came into the hallway mugging me still.

"Bree I'm gonna get you out of here your dad sent me to do this" i whispered, her face lit up alittle bit.

"Can you please hurry these guys are just disgusting filthy motherfuckers!" i nodded hugging her and leaving now i gotta go back and tell Darious the plan.

I drove over to the house where i figured he would be but Dezyre answered instead eating some popcorn. "Hey babygirl"i smirked coming in she just so damn fine why would chris wanna take her out especially if he like her?!

"Don't call me that, Darious went out to the store to get some torture tools he'll be back around 12 so you can leAve..." i shook my head sitting on the couch next to her, she was watching haunted house and plopped down on the other couch.

"Come by me" i said, but she just ignored me. "Dezzy come here" she shot me a look before continuing to watching tv.


i wish this nigga would just leave! I ain't bout to fuck him and thats exactly what he want!

"Stacy get the fuck out before i call them guards they kicked you out last time cause of this go fuck you dear wife Kemia" i said turning the tv up.

"What happened to take it or leave it" he asked coming over by me.

"I left it" he stared at me i grabbed his hand leading him to the door.

"Bye remember you can come.back around 12 yo got 2 more hours" i waved he rolled his eye and drove off, thank god!



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