Chapter Six

I made my way into the back bedroom to have privacy while phoning Cassie. I looked around. There where a bunk bed against one wall and another bunk bed against the other wall and a single bed towards the back of the room.

"Hey Cass. Did you get the picture?" I asked into my phone. I immediately heard screaming.

"I'll take that as a yes." I laughed.

"They are so cuuute!" she screamed drawing out cute.

"They're actually not that bad." I said. I heard silence on the other end.

"Cass? You there?"

"Did you just agree with me that they're cute?!" she asked.

"No! I said they're not that bad." I stated clarifying.

"One day with the boys and your already a Directioner." She said amused.

"I am not. I am anything buy that...Can I tell you something without you freaking out?" I asked her.

"Ohmygosh. Your already a Directioner and your inlove with them!" she screamed. She really was getting on my nerves.

I was not in love with them. I mean, I hardly know the guys. And I was not a so called 'Directioner'. Because I didn't obsess over them like Cassie. And I didn't care that they were famous. Infact, I had hardly remembered that they were famous. They act like normal teenage lads.

"Okay, you need to shut the fuck up cuz' your seriously getting on my nerves." I said. "Now, do you want to heard what I have to say?"

"Mhmm!" she said. I explained to her about the whole situation that had went down earlier.

"Well it sounds like Harry and Niall fancies you. They probably like you for your looks right now, since they don't really know you. But once they get to know you they'll fancy you even more." She said without freaking out. I was surprised.

"My looks. But I'm no where near good looking." I stated.

"Are you being serious? Zo, your freaking gorgeous." she said like it was the most obvious thing.

"Then why did Jon cheat on me? Huh?" I asked.

"Because he's stupid. And an asshole. And he only thinks with the head between his legs and not the one on his shoulders." she said dully. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Yeah. Your right. But what do I do about the whole situation?" I asked.

"Well I mean, after this week you'll never have to see them again..." she stated.

"Thank god."

"Don't tell me you still hate them? You just said they weren't that bad." she asked.

"No, I don't hate them, I mean I don't know them. Just a habbit I guess. I mean, you talk about them all the fucking time and it gets pretty annoying." I laughed. "You've actually gone five minutes without freaking out! Congratulations."


"Your free to freak out now." I said and automatically regreting it.


"Hey, we're making a pit stop. They got to get gas. Our stylist will be bringing you some clothes." I heard a voice say from the door. I looked over to see Zayn.

"Okay." I said yawning. "What time is it?"

"Almost midnight." he laughed.

"Where am I sleeping?" I asked curiously.

"We havnt figured that out yet. Hold on let me get the boys." he went into the living room area calling for the boys.

"Where is Zoey sleeping?" Zayn said.

"I would let her sleep with me but I have a girl friend and I don't think she'd like that very much." Louis joked. I looked over at Harry and Niall.

"Which one of you is gay?" I asked. They looked at me confused. "We'll I mean your good looking lads, and you don't have girlfriends. So, which ones gay? Or both?" I clarified. They still looked confused.

"I'm sleeping with the gay one." I said to see what would happen. Both of their hands shot up in the air.

"I'm gay!" they said.

"No, I'm gay!" Niall said.

"Well, I'm gayer!" Harry added.

"The couch it is." I laughed. "Do you have spare blankets and pillows?"

I saw Niall disappear into the back bedroom. He soon returned with a blanket and pillow.

"Thanks leprechaun!" I said. "I think I'm going to go to sleep. Being kidnaped tired me out." I joked before sinking into the couch.

"G'night Zoey." they all chanted at once. And that was the last thing I heard before falling asleep.


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