Chapter Four

We've all been sitting down for the past hour not really talking. Just sort of staring at each other taking everything in.

I quickly learned the differences between each one of them. Niall was short, his hair was blond and his eyes were blue. He was the 'Irish One'. Harry was the flirt. His hair was curly, If someone were to say his name I would automatically think about his hair. Zayn was sort of quiet. His skin was very tan and his eyes were stunning. Louis was the cunning one. From what they told me, he was the one who usually gets them into trouble. And Liam was referred to as 'daddy direction'. He tried to keep everyone in their place and sane.

"So, your One Direction, huh?" I said trying to make conversation.

"No. We're astronauts." Louis said sarcastically.

"So, Do you guys have girl friends?" I asked curiously.

"Why babe? Interested?" Harry winked.

"As if. I mean with your busy schedules it's a wonder if you guys have any time." I cleared up.

"Well, Louis has Eleanor. Zayn has Perrie. And I have Danielle." Liam stated. Louis pulled out his phone showing me a picture of him and Eleanor in matching Coca-Cola pajamas.

"D'aw that's so adorable. She's so gorgeous. I'd date her...and I'm straight!" They all laughed. "But seriously, you guys are so cute."

"Yeah, she's great. Maybe you can meet her. I think she's suppose to come visit sometime this week." He said.

"That'd be nice. I won't have to be stuck with you guys all week then." I said.

"Hey! We're not that bad. You should get to know us." Zayn declared. I rolled my eyes.

"Puh-lease. I feel like I know everything about you guys." I stated.

"Stalker much?" Niall joked.

"You wish, leprechaun. Cassie talks about you guys non stop. Like no lie. She lives for you guys. She cried for days when you guys lost X factor. She's obsessed. Are all your fans like that?!" I questioned.

"Yeah, pretty much." Harry answered.

"Oh, damn. I actually feel sorry for you guys." I said placing my hand over my heart.


"No. Your teenage lads. Surely you love all the 'hot babes'." I stated.

"You get use to it."

"So what about you?" Niall asked.

"Do I enjoy 'hot babes'?" I asked confused.

"No. Do you have a boy friend? We answered you. You never answered us." he stated.

"No, boys," I paused. "they can't really handle me. I guess I'm too crazy and opinionated for them."

"You are a bit crazy." Harry said. Everyone turned and stared at him. "I was joking."

"Your also an asshole." I added with a cheeky grin. The others "oo'd".

"We'll lets go get some food." Louis shouted. The boys headed for the pizza near the small kitchen area.

"Zoey." Niall said.


"For what is worth, It was their loss. Guys are missing out on a cool girl." I smiled.

"Whatever leprechaun." I laughed. "Thanks, but you don't even know me?" I stated.

"But from what what went down so far your pretty cool." He smiled and headed for the pizza.


A/N: So sorry it was short. :/ not the best chapter. A little sweet moment between Niall and Zoey. So there's on two single guys. Harry and Niall. Who do you think she should be with?! Also I think Zoey's character is going to be played by Cher Lloyd, when she had her long hair. >.

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