"Okay, what about this one?" Cassie held up the magazine showing me yet another prom dress. Let me just say that this one was just as disgusting as the last.

"Bleh." She rolled her eyes at me and continued flipping through the pages.

"We have to find you the perfect dress." She was frustrated. She had been on a mad hunt for two weeks now.

"Why? It's not like I'm going." I rolled my eyes and continued to scroll down my news feed. Things had calmed down a few weeks after the guys continued on their tour without me. I don't get anymore death threats so I guess that's calm.

"Say it one more time and I will strangle you. You are going. You deserve this Zoey, you've worked so hard the last few weeks. You grades are at their highest and you are at your happiest and that's something to celebrate." She said hugging me. I guess she managed to peek at my phone because we both fell silent and stared at the picture in front of me. The caption read: Niall Horan and Brianna Logan...Dating?!

I looked at the picture of them sitting in some fancy restaurant and they were laughing. My heart picked up its pace. It hurt but I was okay. I smiled over at Cassie to reassure her that I wasn't going to brake again.

"Has he said anything about her when he calls?" She asked.

I shook my head. "No. He hasn't called in a few days though. I've tried calling him but no answer."

"I'm sorry, Zoey." Cassie hugged me again.

"So prom, huh?" Was all I managed to get out before she went crazy.

"Yay!" She continued to blabber as I zoned out.

About five minutes into her speech my phone rang. "Thank god!" I nearly screamed and Cassie gave me a dirty look.


"Hey!" I answered.

"Hey Zoey!" Jon said enthusiastically.

"What's up?" I asked him. We continued on talking for another few minutes. He acted as if the last few years never happened and were were back where we were. I suppose you're wondering why the hell I'm talking to him. After everything happened with Niall, I decided I needed to better myself. Upon doing that I had to make a mends with everything that had broken me and turned me into this unidentifiable girl. One of those things was Jon.

"So, ready for your senior prom?" He asked suddenly. "Id like to take you if you'll allow me." I wanted to laugh because there's was no way in hell I was taking him but this was the new Zoey. The one where I didn't spit on Jon's face every chance I got.

"Thank you, Jon, but I already have a date." I said still trying not to laugh.

"Is it that boy band guy?" He asked.

"If it was it wouldn't be any of your business, but no. I haven't heard from him in a few days now." I trailed off. I tried my best not to be hurt by it.

"Then he's dumb. I know what it's like to lose you Zoey. It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life and it'll be his too." I know how badly Jon wanted to get back together but I don't think that's ever going happen. Not after everything. I can do this, I can be friends with him. I couldn't ever be with him again, though.

"Thank you, Jon. Hey, uhm, I have to go, Cassie wants to go try on dresses. I'll talk to you later though." I said laughing.

"Yes, I'll talk to you later Zoey. Oh, and, you'll look beautiful no matter what you wear." He says before hanging up. I smiled.

For once I was happy, really happy. The only thing that was missing in my life was Niall. But I have a feeling that we'd get another chance at us when the time is right.


"Try this one on!" Cassie threw another dress through the door.

"Cassie, I'm not really feeling this whole prom thing." I walked out of the dressing room in a puke green dress. I nearly threw up on myself just looking at it.

"You said you would go." She huffed and her bangs flew and all different directions.

"Look, I know you want this for me but I don't want to go. Besides, I don't have a date."

"Why'd you tell Jon you did? He could've taken you." Cassie rolled her eyes. They were going to get stuck like that one day and I was going to laugh.

"Because, I don't want to go with him. I'm surprised you want me to. You hate him." I laughed. "Cass, I'll do all this with you. I'll try on dresses, tell you how good you look in dresses, and go with you to get your hair done-"

"But you're not going." I nodded at her and gave her an apologetic look. "Fine. I won't force you."

"So who is your date?" I suddenly asked remembering I hadn't yet. She hadn't told me either which was kind of suspicious.

"Uhm well. Just, you know?" She mumbled.

"Cassie. Breathe your words." I rolled my eyes at her. She just looked at me a hint of guilt plastered on her face. "Well, come on. Spit it out. What don't tell me you don't have a date."

"I do!" She squealed. "It's just, well. It's Harry. I should have told you I just didn't know how'd you feel because the whole Niall thing and I'm an awful best friend."

I felt a little pang in my heart. "No it's fine. I'm glad you guys kept in touch too. He didn't mention this the other day on the phone though."

"I made him swear he wouldn't tell you. It's my fault not his. Are you okay with it?" She asked, eyes hopeful. I couldn't deny my best friend happiness so I said the complete opposite of what I was feeling.

"Yeah, I'm totally okay with it." I smiled at her making sure my eyes matched.

"Good. So what about this one?" She held up an amazing pastel blue dress that had sequins on the bust. It was beautiful.

"Oh my god. Cassie this is perfect. It's completely beautiful. It's breathe taking." I said not taking my eyes off the dress.

"It is, isn't it?" She folded the dress over her arm on top of a red number she has just tried on. We headed towards the front.

"Case, I'm not going so I don't know why you're getting two dresses." I stared at her.

"Don't flatter yourself. They're both for me. I love both of these dresses but I'm planning on wearing the red one. I'm getting the blue so I have a back up in case I change my mind." She handed the cashier the money and the girl continued to stare at us.


"Zoey. Yeah, I know." I said. Every since I returned home people have recognized me everywhere and tended to stare.

"What she means is she's flattered you recognize her." Cassie smiled at the girl who was now shaking. It was something I'd never get use to.

"It was nice meeting you!" She yelled as we exited the building. And I came to the conclusion that I was definitely never going to get use to this.

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