Chapter Ten

"Are you serious?!" shouted Cassie through the phone.

I had stormed out of the bedroom and down the hall. I found a door that lead out to a little balcony. I'm pretty sure it was for people who smoked since smoking wasn't aloud in the rooms. I immediately dialed Cassie's number.

"Harry freaking Styles, and Niall freaking Horan like you?" she shouted.

"That's not the point. They played rock, paper, scissors over me!" I exclaimed.

"What if they were just joking around?" she questioned.

"So?! It doesn't matter! You don't play rock, paper, scissors over a girl like she's an object." I stated.

"Point. But I'm sure they were just joking around. I mean think about it, they're best friends and they both like you. I'm sure they were just trying to lighten the mood." she said. My face began to turn red from anger. I hung up on her.

How could she not take my side? She was suppose to be my best friend. Somebody needed to be on my side.

"Calm down, Zo. Stay Calm." I said. When it comes to me getting mad I had really bad anger issues. Like when I was angry, you better hide everything. Because I'm going for the first object I see and throwing it.

I headed back to the room trying to decide what to do. I entered the room and all the boys sat there. There was a pile of food on the table infront of the couch and they were picking stuff they wanted to eat.

"Zoe. Come join us." Eleanor said coming from the other side of the room with the drinks. "Lou what do you want?"

"Sprite." he said. I sat down next to Harry and Niall.

"Whats wrong?" Niall asked.

"Nothing." I said as normally as possible.

"Liam?" El asked.




"And Niall?" she asked.

"Coke." he answered.

"I would like a Coke too." Harry said.

"Sorry this is the last coke." she said looking at the boys whom were looking at each other trying to decide who got the last coke.

I stood up taking the Coke. "I have an idea. It's to see who gets the last coke." I had a smile on my face. "How bout' you play rock, paper, scissors?! That's what you do with everything else you both want, isn't it." I lost the smile and had a serious face with the last sentence.

Harry and Niall looked at each other immediately knowing what I was talking about. I walked over to them. The other boys were looking at each other, wondering what was up.

"Oh, I have a better idea. How bout' you both share this coke?" I took the lid off pouring the liquid on both of them. "they both jumped up. I heard laughter escape the other boy's mouths.

"What the hell?" they said at the same time.

"And as for me? Well, Niall and Harry. Neither of you get me. How bout that, huh?" I said walking a way.

I walked out onto the balcony. For some reason, it always seemed to calm me. I could clear my head. I didn't do much head clearing before I heard the balcony door open and close.

"If that's Niall or Harry I advise you to turn around and go back inside before I throw you off this balcony." I threatened.

"It's Eleanor." I heard a soft voice say. I turned around a smiled at her.

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