Chapter Thirteen

"My bae. I havn't talked to you in forever!" Cassie exclaimed answering the phone.

"I have a problem." I said.

"Spill." was all she had to say before I informed her of everything.

"WOAH!" she said after I had finished.


"Your dating Niall Horan and you didn't inform me?!" she said.

"Yeah for maybe an hour. Cassie your not looking at the big picture!" I exclaimed.

"I'm sorry. But my best friend didn't inform me she was dating one freaking fifth of One Direction." she yelled once again.


"Sorry. It seems like you got a situation." she said.

"That's what I've been telling you. What the fuck do I do?" I said sighing. The line went silent for a few seconds.

"Look I gotta go. Drew's here to pick me up." she said hurriedly.

"Who the fuck is Drew? And you never answered my question." I exclaimed.

"I gotta go. I'll call you later." she said before hanging up.

"She did not just hang up on me." I said to nobody.

I paced around the room trying to call Cassie back but she wouldn't answer. The boys had gone to an interview which had given me some time to myself to think.

"Come on Cassie, answer your damn phone." no answer.

I heard the boys voices, I quickly jumped and looked around. They weren't anywhere in sight. Then my eyes fell on the t.v. Where all five boys sat currently doing an interview.

"We are here with the sensational One Direction." the interviewer said dramatically.

"Hello!" the all said unison.

"How are you?" the interviewer asked.



"Great." they all had different answers.

"So, hows the tour going?"

"It's going really well. Its been loads of fun." Liam answered.

"So who is this girl who supposably snuck on your tour bus?" he asked. That's when I took interest in the interviewer.

"Thats a funny story actually." Louis answered.

"Yeah, we've been meaning to get all this cleared up." Liam said chuckling.

"So, this girl shows up at our trailer." Zayn begins.

"Being a good friend, She there to get an autograph for her best friend." Liam explained.

"You sure she wasn't just some crazed fan who actually wanted an autograph for her self?" the interviewer asked.

"Hell no I wasn't!" I said knowing he wouldnt hear me.

"We're sure, she actually couldn't stand us at first." Louis laughed.

"But now she does?" the interviewer questioned.

"I suppose so." Niall answered.

"But anyways, I guess no one realized she was on the bus getting the autograph and we took off. We were on a tight schedule so management refused to turn around." Liam explained.

"So she ended up being stuck for a week with five sex gods." Harry joked. They all laughed.

"Well glad that's all cleared up." the interviewer laughed. "So now, there's all these rumors about with all these girls. So do any of you have a special someone. We know Louis and Zayn have themselves some girlfriends. But what about you guys?" he motioned towards Niall and Harry.

"I have a special someone." Harry said. They all looked at him, I looked at him. Oh god, if he says me I'll kill him.

"Really?!" the interviewer said surprised.

"Yeah. She's really cool. She's got this long brown hair and amazing brown eyes. Her personality is absolutely amazing. And she's not afraid to be honest. And at the end of the day she's the only one who can truly make me smile." he explained. All the the boys and myself stared at him in utter shock. Maybe he was talking about another long haired brown eyed girl?

"She sounds wonderful. What's her name?"

"Zoey." or not. My mouth hit the ground.


I heard the room door open and all the boys talking. I ran to meet them at the door.

"You!" I said pointing at Harry. "I'm going to fucking kill you!" I said running at him.

A pair of hands wrapped around my waist stopping my fist from meeting with Harry's face. I turned to see Niall holding me back.

"Violence isn't the answer." Liam said standing in front of me.

"Well, it's my answer." I said trying to attack Harry again.

"Stop. We know what Harry did was wrong but no need to damage his beautiful face." Louis tried to joke.

I stopped taking a breath. "What you did, Harold, was uncalled for."

"My names not even Harold."

"It was selfish. You weren't think of how it sous affect me or Niall or the fact we're together. People will think im a cheater. Niall will be know for stealing his best friend's 'girl'. Did you think about any of that?" I said ignoring him.

He looked down at his shoes.

"Of course not. You were only thinking about yourself and the fact you were hurt so you wanted to get back at me. Well news flash Harry not every one is going fall for you. Not everyone is in love with Harry Styles." I said. The room was silent.

"That was a bit harsh." I heard Louis say as I stormed out of the room. I didn't exactly know where I was going. But I know I wanted to get away from all this drama.


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