Zoey 's POV

"Shh guys don't yell she's asleep."

"Stop hovering we'll smother her."

As I awoke all I could hear were their voices. I was still confused as to what had happened. All I knew was that my head hurt really bad and their loud voices weren't helping.

"Maybe we should poke her to wake her." Louis. Of course.

"Touch me and you're dead Tomlinson." I said opening my eyes but meeting the harsh bright light.

"Zoey!" Cassie exclaimed and hugged me.

"Please don't yell." I said sitting up. I looked around the room as my eyes began to adjust to the light. I saw alot of people surrounding me and I was even more confused. I looked around the crowded room and met all my friends faces.

"Are you okay? I was so worried." Cassie asked still hugging me.

"Yeah I'm fine." I laughed hugging her back. She smiled at me and I knew that we were okay. "What happened?" I needed someone answer my questions.

"You fainted." I searched the room for the voice. I spotted Niall in the back staring straight at me. The room grew even quieter and no one said anything. The tension grew.

"Maybe we should give them some space guys." Cassie said. Nobody moved.

"That means get out now." Eleanor said and everyone looked at her shocked. "Don't just stare. Move." She snapped and everyone obeyed.

Once everyone left the room the tension didn't decrease. We sat there for what seemed like forever in silence. Neither of us dare break the stare we shared.

"You were running away." His voice cracked.

"No." I lied.

"You didn't tell anyone you were leaving." He stated and I could tell he was fighting tears.

"I'm sorry." I say letting my own tears fall. He immediately rushed to my side embracing me in a hug. I accepted it for a minute before pulling away. "Don't do that, I don't deserve it."

"Everyone deserves to be comforted when they're upset. They need to know they're not alone." He hugging me once more.

I could never deserve him or some one like him. He was too good for me. He deserves someone who would treat him right and fit into this world of his. Someone who loves him as much as I do but isn't afraid to show it.

"I didn't mean it." I murmured into his neck.

"What?" I pulled out of the hug to look at me. He lifted my chin when my eyes failed to meet his. "What do you mean."

"I didn't mean it." I said a bit louder and clearly. he looked at me for a moment confused before realization hit his face.

"Then why did you say it?" They was still a bit of hurt behind his eyes.

I shrugged. "Because I was scared. In shock. You kind of just sprung it on me."

"That's not excuse for you to blurt out you're in love with my best friend." He stated.

"I know. It was wrong and stupid, I realize that and I've already talked to Harry about it." I assured him hoping he would forgive me some how.

"Thank you for telling me that. I should have listened." He said before sitting next to me on the bed. "I forgive you."

I smiled at him as a way to thank him. Then it was a bit awkward, no one said anything.

"So where does this leave us?" he was the first to speak. I stared at one of the white walls trying to come up with an answer.

"I have no idea." Was all I managed to come up with. All of this was very confusing but the thing that was most clear to me was that he deserved way better than me. "I think it's time for me to go home."

He snapped his head towards me, his eyes watering. "Zo-"

"Where is she?!" I heard a all to familiar male voice. "Zoey!"

"Shit." I said and Niall gave me a confused look.

"What the hell?" The guy said as he barged into the room with the rest I my friends following him.

"I can explain!" I stood up with my hands in the air.

"Yeah, well, you have a lot of that to do." Dan said. My brother was always one to be protective of me and him not knowing I was here probably really upset him.

"Guys this is my wonderful, caring, sweet brother who loves me too much to kill me." I said pulling Cassie next to me for protection in case.

"I'm considering it." He said rubbing it temple. He was stressed. "You said to were with Cassie!"

"I am." I said motioning to her.

"At her house?!" He asked.

"This is her house?" I attempted.

"Zoey. This is a hospital." Dan rubbed his temple again.

"I-uh," I tried to think of a better excuse. "I got nothing."

"Let's go." He said motioning for me to follow.

"Go where exactly?" I said trailing behind him.

"Back to the hotel to get your stuff then we're going home." He stated. I stopped dead in my tracks.


"Home. We're going home." He said stopping too.

"But." I looked back at my friends behind me. I had grown so use to them so quick. Did I really want to leave them?

If you didn't why we're you going to the train station yesterday?

I don't know. I was hurt and I wanted to get away.

Aren't you still hurting? I mean look at Niall and tell me your heart doesn't ache when you do.

But what about the rest of the guys? What about me? How will I feel not seeing them ever again. They're the only friends I have besides Cassie. This is why I don't ever get involved with people. I always screw it up and hurt them. It was all me. I was to blame for all of this mess.


A/N: hey guys! Sorry it took me forever to update. I've been a bit busy. I'm really feel like Zoey right now. Everything's such a mess. Dx but I'm okay, I guess. You guys enjoy!!! It's almossstttt over.

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