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Chapter Fifteen

Niall's P.O.V

Where is she? Where is Zoey? I didn't have a clue. I've been looking for the past hour for her and I can't find her anywhere. I walked into our room deciding that maybe she would be here, which would be unlikely because normally it would have been the first place I looked.

I walked into an empty room. Just as I suspected. Then I noticed it was a little to empty. I ran over to Zoey's bed finding that her stuff wasn't there. I heard someone enter the room and I hoped it would be her.

"Have you found her yet, mate?" Louis asked.

"No, but it gets even worse. Her stuff is gone too." I said shocked. "Where's Eleanor?"

"In her room. She just got back, she said she had errands to do." Louis said, but I barely heard him as I ran out to door to El's room.

I knocked on the door until she answered.

"You'd think there was a fire or something happening after hearing the way you were knocking on the door." She said.

"Yeah, yeah. Where is she?" I asked hurriedly.


"Zoey? I know you took her somewhere. Her stuff is gone, and your really the only one who would be willing to take her to a plane or train or boat. Now where did you take her?"

"Oh, yeah." she said as if she was remembering something. "Wait here." she said before returning moments later. "She asked me to give you this." she said handing me a envelope.

I opened it, almost ripping what was inside.

Dear Leprechaun,

By the time you read this I'll be on a train back home. I hope your not angry, I just couldn't handle it. The attention was not something I was use to. But, I can honestly say my time with you was the best. I don't usually do the whole boyfriend thing in fear that I would get hurt. But with you it was different. And I know we havn't known each other long, but I feel like i've known you for years. It's such a weird feeling but a good one too. And perhaps we'll see each other in the near future and I'll think about those feelings. I won't feel sad, or angry that I ran from them. But I'll remember the times I didn't run away, the times we spent together. So thank you for helping me realize there are good guys out there. Ones who really care about you and your happiness. I'll never forget you.



I turned to Eleanor. "Please tell me which train station."


"Please." I begged trying not to let the tears fall.

She sighed. "Gregory Stat-" i rushed from the room.

"Thanks El!" I yelled.


"Please, oh please be here." I said to myself as the taxi driver slowly pulled up. I jumped out before he stopped.

I ran into the station, frantically looking for Zoey as I headed towards the trains.

"Zoey!" I yelled running. "Zoey! Zoey!"

"Are you looking for someone?" I heard a boy's voice say from behind me. "You're-"

"Yes, I'm Niall. Now, I'm looking for this girl. About this tall-" I motioned with my hand. "Long hair."

"You mean Zoey. The one you guys have been spotted with?" he asked.

"Yes, her."

"Yeah, she was here earlier. I spoke to her for a bit. Then she had to go. Not sure where she went."

"Do you know which train she was suppose to get on?" I asked.

"Not sure. But I think it was the five o'clock one." he said.

"Thank you!" I said heading towards the trains.

"Zoey!" I searched, and searched for her. I ran to the trains finding none. I then ran to the ticket booth.

"Has the five o'clock train left yet?" I asked.

"I'm afraid so." the lady said.

"No." I said turning around. I was too late. She was gone. I had wasted to much time looking for her in the hotel room.

'I was too late. Too late.' I said over and over in my mind as I walked towards the exit.

I waited for a taxi going over and over in my head the different ways I could have prevented this. I lowered my head shaking it slowly, not wanting the tears to fall here.

I raised my head putting my hood and sun glasses on not wanting anyone to spot me. That's when i saw her hair. She hadn't left. She didn't get on the train. I quickly ran over.

"Zoey!" I said as I touched her shoulder. She turned around. "I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else." I said as I realized it wasn't her. The girl turned back around and continued walking.

"Leprachaun?" I heard a voice say. I must have been imagining it. I had been thinking about her so much, I was beginning to hear her voice.

"Leprachaun?" I heard again. I began to turn around figuring I would find nothing. But I did.

It was her. Standing right here. Infront of me.

"Zoey." I said rushing up to her and hugged her tightly. I heard her laugh. And I felt my body relax. "What are you doing here?"

"I came looking for you. But i thought your train had already left." I said.

"It was delayed." she stated.

"Oh." I said realizing she was still leaving.

"Then I realized i didn't want to leave." I hugged her again, smileing widely. "You can't get read of me that easily." she laughed, as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I pulled away from the hug. "I'm glad you didn't leave."

"Me too." she said.

And then I kissed her. Right there, where everyone could see. Because, truth is, I didn't care. In this moment, I didn't care about what everyone thought. Not Harry, not the interviwers, not the paparazzi, not the people on twitter, or the magazines. I only cared about her. Zoey.

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