Two days. Two fucking days.

Why do I feel like this? It's emptiness. It almost hurts. I can't feel anything. Well, maybe that wasn't completely true. I felt as if something wasn't right, something was off. It wasn't until noon of the second day that I realized it was the way I had left things with everyone. Sure I had said goodbye but it was weird and off. I still had unfinished business. God, did you hear me, I sound like a fucking ghost. I mean, I might as well be, I even look like one. I'm so pale from not eating, or maybe it was the lack if vitamin D? Who knows? Who cares. I have no motivation to do anything. I've barely even spoken to anyone. Cassie had called and dropped by but it had been a waste of time. I barely spoke two words to her. I was too drained to do so. It wasn't until evening of the second day that I had my first interaction with anyone. And who else could it be other than the person I'm most pissed at?

"Seriously Zoey?" I heard Dan groan as he walked back to my room after passing by my door to find me still lying in bed just like I have been for the past two days. "Get up and do something. Anything."

"I'm just tired Dan." I said pulling the covers over my head. I hadn't lied, I was tired, but in more ways than the sleeping sense.

"Tired my ass." He said as he yanked the covers from my body.

"What the fuck?!" I shot up.

"Get up."

"No." I crossed my arms.

"Get up."

"No, Daniel." I laid back down on my bed. Who needs a blanket anyway? They're just big and smothering, but a good smothering, and warm. Me! I needed a blanket, my blanket. I made a quick attempt to steal it back but Dan saw it coming and snatched it away. "Give me my fucking blanket, Daniel."

"No, you need to get up, move on, and be normal again." He pouted. "I'm tired of seeing you like this."

"You're tired of seeing me like this? Suck your fucking lip back in. I can't believe what I'm hearing. You're actually making this about you? Oh my fucking god Dan. I'm tired if feeling like this!! And I wouldn't feel this fucking way if you had learned to mind your own damn business and let me work things out there. You had to fucking ruin everything, I had unfinished business Daniel!!" Boo. It was funny. Laugh. "You don't see me ruining your life so why must you stick your nose in mine?! And news-fucking-flash: I was never normal. Now, give me my fucking blanket." Dan's face was one full of shock. He wasn't sure what to say or do. Eventually he handed me back my blanket, too afraid to do or say anything else. He knew he had lost this battle.

Mom and dad had called that night of the second day and I made an attempt at pretending everything was fine. They didn't seem too worried because they notified us it'd be another week before they came home. One more week I get to lie in bed. One more week where I don't have to pretend I'm okay.

It was the morning of the third day when I finally got up out of bed. I made my way down to the kitchen to stuff my face with fruity pebbles. As I approached I could hear whispered voices. I walked In to see Dan and Cassie in the middle of a conversation only to stop and stare when they saw me. I hadn't even known she was here.

"Hi Zo." They said in unison.

"How are you today?" Cassie questioned and Dan eyed her curiously.

"I'll be a whole lot better when I get some fruity pebbles." I said reaching for the box in the cabinet. They exchanged a look that I couldn't de-code. "Who ate all the fucking fruity pebbles?!"


"Who In their right mind puts an empty box back in the cabinet?! I wanted those fruity pebbles!!" I knew that I was overreacting but fruity pebbles were my favorite.

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