Hey darlingsssss. So I mentioned I was writing a new fan fiction. I just can't figure out who it should be about. It's starting off as a 1D one but I want to maybe change it. I've just grown so much and I feel like new things interest me. Like 5sos. Haha so I havnt changed that much. But please help me out. Prettttyyyy please. Here's what I got so far:

Blakelynn Adams is your typical teenager: she maintains her grades, she plays the guitar, she parties, she's best friends with Harry Styles, she watches-WOAH WAIT. Back up. She's best friends with Harry Styles?! You read it right. She's best friends with a certain notorious green eye'd, curly hair, flirtatious goofball. She makes him smile when he's upset and he always had her laughing. If you didn't know any better you'd think they were in love... But they're not...right? That had been inseparable since they were little but all that fell short when he becomes famous and is taken from her life. Two years later Harry often finds himself thinking about a certain ginger girl and can't stop. What happened to them? Why haven't they spoken since they were sixteen? Why won't she speak to him? Blakelynn thinks she's escaped that part of her life but what happens when it shows up at her door step with her favorite flowers?

Thoughts? Ideas?

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