Chapter 17

Five days. That's how long it took for me to finally get happy for once. I was so happy. Being with the most amazing friends a girl could get in five days. A hell of alot better than Cassie. Well not really, i was just pissed at her for not being here for me.

Man was I pissed at her. I looked at me phone screen seeing 13 missed calls and 37 text messages from her. I was not planning on calling or texting back. Along with my angry ranting came the silent treatment, when I was really angry I resulted to not talking. And that's I was planning on doing. Giving her the cold shoulder was my plan, I knew it would last long. She was my best friend after all.

I got out of bed heading to the shower being careful not to wake up Niall. As soon as I was done I decided to take a walk. I looked at my phone screen noticing an unknown number was calling.

"Hello?" I answered.

"It's Cassie and before you hang up please listen! Give me five minutes?" she pleaded. I took a moment before answering.

"Four. Now go." I said.

"I'm sorry I didn't help you out. I had a date and I just-"

"So you chose a guy over your best friend?" I questioned.

"No it wasn't like that!" she yelled.

"Then what was it like?!" I yelled right back.

"You won't believe me considering how pissed you are."

"Your wasting your time. Two minutes." I said harshly.

"I was trying to get him to drive me to come get you." she paused. "I promised him a date if he would do me a favor. Of course when he found out what it was, he declined. I was only trying to help you out. And I know you probably don't believe me but I miss you. I haven't talked to you in almost 24 hours and it's killing me." she explained.

"Your right, I don't believe you." I said before hanging up.

I marched into Eleanor's room to vent.

"Can you believe Cass-"I began before getting an eye full. I put my hands over my eyes.

"Ah." i heard Louis scream before falling off the bed.

"Maybe next time I should knock." I said before heading out to leave.

I heard Eleanor's laughter fill the room. "No, stay. Lou was just leaving."

"Yeah. I was." he said before shuffling out of the room in his underwear.

Eleanor and I looked at each other before laughing.

"That was funny." she said. "Now what were you saying before."

"Cassie!" I said anger returning. "She claims she bailed on me to help me? That makes no sense. At all. I mean, what fucking best friend does that? Or would I even call her my best friend any more? Fucking choosing a guy over me?! I mean I know I'm a bitch sometimes but you don't do that to your best friend."

"The boys are right. You do rant when your angry." she said.

"Hell yeah I do. It helps me think, you know. Speaking of being angry, did you see that episode of Degrassi last night?! They could have killed anybody off but they chose Cam?! Cam?! Why didn't they just kill off Luke or Dallas, someone less important to me! God, is this just fucking make Zoey angry week?!" I continued to vent. Man, I was really mad about that Degrassi episode. Eleanor becan to laugh.

"Is something funny to you?" I asked.

"Yes, have you listened to yourself lately?" she asked. I sighed before falling on the bed beside her.

"Your right. I just need to take a chill pill." I said.

"Yeah, you do. I have something that might help?" she said.


"My credit card! Up for shopping?!" she smiled.

"You officially my new best friend." I said. We began laughing. "Shall we?"

"We shall." she said before we ran out to the car. Hey, even though I can be a bad ass sometimes, I'm still a girl. And I love to shop.


About five hours later we returned to the hotel hands full of bags.

"Seriously El. As soon as I go back home I'm sending every bit of this money to you." I promised.

"Girl, I'm serious, don't worry about it. I need someone to help me spend this money. Your doing me a favor." she joked but yet was serious. Not the snobby serious though.

"You know, it's werid haveing a girl friend besides Cassie. But I'm glad I do. Lets me know I don't need just her." I said.

"I like that we're friends and all but you seriously need to talk to Cassie. You can't just throw 13 years of friendship down the drain over one thing." she advised me.

"I guess you right. But, I'm going to let her suffer a little bit longer." El gave me a look. "Hey, people call me a bitch and I don't deny it for a reason." I joked.

We laughed entering the hotel. "Hey Zo."


"I don't think Cassie's the only one you need to talk to." she nodded towards Harry who was currently knocking on my hotel room door.

My face fell at the sight of him.

"I'll be in my room." she said leaving me and Harry alone.

I tried giving her the 'don't-leave-me-alone' look. She did anyway.

"Hey." he said. I said nothing. "Can we talk?" again I said nothing. "Okay, how about I talk you listen."

And once again, I said nothing.


A/N: a little Zoeleanor moment. XD so I decided to do another don't expect a new one for a while. I'm not trying to be a bitch, but I do have a life. I'm trying to satisfy you guys by uploading another new chapter, so please dont be angry if I don't upload for another month or two. You wanted chapter seventeen so here it is. ALSO, had to throw in a little degrassi. God, I'm still so angry they killed Cam off. He was my favorite character.

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