I felt a void in my chest where my heart should be. I could hear and see the people around me but they were background noise as I did a mental search for my heart. It was there but it was broken. I was torn. I can't stay and not be with Niall but I can't leave the boys either.

I sat and waited for Cassie. Everytime I heard the elevator door dig I would stare at my door until it opened. Nothing. It had been an hour since I called her and she still wasn't here.

"Zo. Zoey." I heard but payed no a attention to. "Zoey."

"Yeah?" I said finally really hearing him.

"I asked why you're not eating you're lo mien." I looked at Harry before glancing down to my plate.

"Um. I'm not really that hungry." I said as I sat the plate aside.

"Is it Niall?" He asked.

"No it's Cassie." I admitted. "She should've been here by now."

"You guys are really close, huh?" He asked. I assumed to distract me.

"Yeah. She's my soul mate." I laughed. Cassie always swore that we'd have to end up marrying each other because we'd be the only ones able to put up with one another.

"Isn't that usually termed for people in love?" He laughed.

"Yeah. I meant in the best friend sense. She's my other half. It'll always be Zoey and Cassie. We're inevitable." That's when I heard the door open. I quickly stood up an rushed to the door as everyone stepped into the room.

"Cassie." I exclaimed running to her. "Where were you?! I was so worried."

"Appreciate your concern for us too Zo." Louis joked and Eleanor glared at him.

"There was a hell of a lot of traffic. I'm sorry! Are you okay?" She asked concerned.

"No." Said as tears rushed down my face. Cassie pulled me into a hug.

"Harry! Did you try cooking for her?!" Louis shouted. "Sorry babe, Harry's pasta will make anyone cry." He said to me. I chuckled. I could always count on Lou to make me feel better.

"My cooking is not that bad!" Harry said an threw his hands up in protest. "That pasta was really good."

"You burnt it so bad that it was crunchier that before you cooked it." Louis replied.

"Guys this is funny and all but can I have a moment with Cassie?" I ask. They all nodded before leaving the room. I knew they would know everything from Louis's gossiping soon enough but I wanted to tell Cassie.


"You walked away?" She said in shock after I had told her everything. I nodded as the tears streamed down my face.

"I know. But it's the right thing...it just hurts so bad." I sad as I continued crying. Cassie sat in silence for a second.

"THATS ENOUGH." I jumped at her loud voice.

"What?" I was now the one who was shocked. She had never yelled at me before. I was always the one to yell.

"I said that's enough. Dry it up Zoey." She look at me sternly and sat waiting for me to stop crying. "Now, I'm your best friend and that's why I'm going to be blunt with you. You need to stop with the whining. You made the decision to walk away so you have to deal with it. Only you can change your future and if that involves Niall then go tell him now, otherwise stop with your crying. You made your bed so you have to lay in it. What happened to the Zoey that wouldn't let anything or anyone get to her? She was so strong and independent. She would laugh at the girls who would cry over their boyfriends and now she's become one of them. Ironic isn't it?"

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