"I think I'm still a little drunk," I laughed. "I just heard you say Dan was here." I prayed to god that I had only imagined her saying it.

"Nope, I really said it." I probably look like a deer in headlights in this moment.

"What the hell is he doing here?!" I screamed causing a few to turn their heads.

"You ask me like I know." She said and I just continued to stare at her. "I don't! I swear, I haven't spoken to him in a week. Not since I caught him texting that skank." She cringes.

Cass and my brother have always had this on again off again type relationship. The both said they were just in it for the 'sex' but I know that isn't true. Sure maybe sex is a part of it but I know that they both care about one another even if they refuse to admit it. If either of them catches the other talking to the opposite sex they go psycho. That kind of jealousy doesn't come from just being 'fuck buddies' with someone.

"Okay, enough about him, how are we getting out of here without him seeing us?!" I shake her shoulders.

"Ladies, I couldn't help but over hear." We both jump at the voice coming from behind the bar beside us. What was his name again? Frankie!

"Frankie!" I say. "You can help us?"

"Of course I can!" He says excitedly. "It gets so boring around here, I'm always up for an adventure. Follow me!" He gestures to us opening the bar. We immediately follow him.

"We keep all kinds of costumes back here for go knows what. I guess to sneak girls out without their brothers slash ex-boyfriends don't see." He laughs. I take in Frankie's appearance for a second. His black hair was short but long enough go spike up. He had on tight black skinny jeans and a muscle tee. He also had one ear pierced. I'm no piercing expert but I'm pretty sir it was the gay ear. He was cute but definitely not Niall.

"Okay, ew. Brother and boyfriend should not be in the same sentence." I say. That was seriously Flowers in the Attic gross.

"Yeah, and he wasn't my boyfriend." Cassie adds picking up a fedora.

"And exactly why do we need costumes?" I ask him. He places a hand on his hip. Yep, definitely gay.

"For your disguises, duh." he sighs like it's the most obvious thing.

"Okay, but can't we just go out the back?" I ask turning to Cassie who is putting a feather scarf on.

"You're no fun." Frankie pout.

"Yes, Zoey darling." Cass says tossing the feather scarf over her shoulder. "Don't be a party pooper."

"Cass, this is no time for diva moments. Frankie can you show us to the back exit?" I ask.

"Sure, but we have to go back out there and your brother might be out there now." He says stating the obvious.

I look at them both begging me to go with the disguises. I cross my arms over my chest standing my ground. I look at Cassie and then back at Frankie. I've spoken three whole sentences to him and I can already tell he is just like Cassie. They could be related they're so similar.

I look at them once more before speaking. "Fine."

"YES!" They say together.

"But I am not wearing a feather scarf." I state pointing at Cassie who was already walking towards me with one. "And I get to wear the fedora."

"But-" Cassie begins.

"Fedora or no disguises." I say holding my hand out to take it.

"You're the devil." She pouts before handing it to me.

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