"I leave you alone for two days," Dan stops throwing my things into the suit case and held up two fingers, "TWO days. And you run off with the freaking circus or some shit."

"Dan please stop." I say taking the things out of the suit case and throw them back in the floor. He ignored me and continued shoving things back in. After the incident at the hospital he had forced me back to the hotel and was currently packing 'my' things. Of course none of it was mine, only what the guys's stylist brought me. I didn't dare tell Dan this though in fear we'd leave sooner. I had yet to figure out what I wanted and leaving seemed to be a rash decision but Dan didn't understand that.

"Dan. Dan! DAN!" I yelled snatching the shirt out of his hands.

"WHAT?!" He yelled and turned towards me. His eyes were angry and I shrunk down onto the bed in fear. As soon as he realized this his face softened. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell." He sat down beside we and we fell silent for a few moments.

"I'm your older brother. I'm suppose to keep track of you, make sure you're okay. I have to know where you are at all times so I know you're not hurt. I have to protect you." He almost whispers.

"You don't have to protect me. Dan, this might come as a shock to you but I'm not a little girl anymore. You don't have to 'parent' me." I said.

"If I don't who will? Not our parents that's for damn sure." Our parents lacked in said department. Sure they took care of us by giving is money and stuff but they were never around. The only time they even call me is when there yelling at me because of my grades. I didn't have a mother who would let me cry on her chest over a heart break. I didn't have a dad who chased all my potential boyfriends away. Dan had done all those things for me. I guess that's why he was upset he hadn't known about any of this. He was upset because he didn't know if I was okay or lying in a ditch somewhere. "I'm okay Dan, really. I promise."

"No you're not. You have that look on your face..." He tails off. "Hell! I'm not even mad about all of this, well I am mad about this but I'm mostly mad because when I saw you in the hospital room, your face...it was the same look after everything happened with Jon. And I'm suppose to protect you from that. I failed to do so. I'm so scared your going to fall into old habits and it'll be my fault." Dan turned towards me and looked as if he were about to cry. He was worried and scared.

"You can't blame yourself. I make my choices and I have to live with them. I'll admit I'm not okay but I'm not going to fall into old habits. I promise. I'm not that little girl anymore. You have to trust me.." I assured him. I needed him to believe me almost as much as I needed to believe in myself that I wouldn't. I looked to him and he nodded before he continued to pack my things. I threw my hands up in frustration.

"Dan stop."

"Why would you want to stay here anyway?" He questioned.

"Because they're my friends." I said matter of factly.

"You want to stay here? After all of this? I've read the articles, I've seen the interviews. All this is, is drama. Why would you throw yourself into that? You hate drama, why would you stay here knowing that that's all it is." He has a point but I had a bigger point.

"Because I have things I need to fix. Things I need to think about." I said hoping he wouldn't pry any further.

"With one of those boys?" He raised an eye brow at me and I looked down at my hands. "Zoey, I love you to death. You're my baby sister so I can be brutally honest with you. It was never going to work out with him. Which ever him it was, I'm not entirely sure because the articles are confusing, but it wasn't going to work out. He's famous and you're just a girl. I'm telling you this because I don't want you to give away your heart to only have it broken. I love you, now let's finish packing." He hugged me and then he zipped up one of the suitcases.

"A little to late for the heart thing." I whispered but he didn't hear me, which I was glad he didn't.

Dan was right. I was just a girl. I was stupid to believe in any of this, stupid to hope that this wasn't a dream. He was famous. They were famous. I'm just a girl. There's no way that I could have actually been friends with any of them. There was no way that Niall could have really loved me. Even if he did, there was no way it would have worked out. I was so stupid. Dan was right


I walked out of the room to find everyone standing in the hall way. All of them simultaneously looked down at the suit case that was being help by my hand. I turned to Dan for support.

"Cassie, you ready?" He asked her. She nodded not really saying anything. She came and stood beside me. I smiled at her.

I looked at the boys and Eleanor. Oh Eleanor. I quickly sat the case down and engulfed her in a hug. She had done so much for me, I was really going to miss her.

As I pulled away she smiled at me. "I'll miss you. Text me please." I laughed an nodded.

"Well, boys it's been real." I look at them and picked the case back up. I smile because I'm at a loss for words. It would have took me two days to tell them how much I would miss them. But I turn around and begin to walk away.

"Zoey NOOOOOO! Don't leave meeeee!!!" I hear someone scream. Louis. He always was the drama queen. "Ah yes, I'll miss your dramatics Louis." I laugh before hugging him. "Please take care of Niall." I whisper before pulling away.

"I will." He assures me and let's me go.

"I'll miss you guys's a lot." I said to all of the boys. "Keep in touch or something."

I look at Niall for a moment, something I had been avoiding, and smiled at him. I had hoped my smile told him everything. How wonderful he was, how he made me happier than anyone else, and how he deserved the world. I loved him so much. I hoped one day he could really truly be happy and in love with someone as perfect as him. I knew I could never be that for him. We came from two completely different worlds. And his burns so bright and mine would have brought darkness to it. He deserves so much. I just want him to be happy.

"You ready Zo?" Dan asked bringing me out of my trance. He motioned for my bag and put it in the taxi. "Train station please." He told the driver. I just as fast as that bus took off with me in it, the taxi forced me from happiness. I watched the hotel faded into the distance and the emptiness grew bigger. I knew this time was really it, Niall wasn't coming after me and I couldn't turn around.

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