chapter 16

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Louis woke up to the sound of crying and screaming. Groaning Louis rolls out of the grasp of one of his boyfriends and sets his feet on the ground grabbing a shirt and walking to Theo's room where all three of the kids were staying at the moment. Walking in the room Louis notices that the nightlight they had put in the room was now out and he say Cara in the corner of the room in a ball trembling obviously afraid from the lack of the light that was in the room. Ever since the earthquake the boys could not leave the twins in a room without a nightlight after they had been trapped under the desk until help had come. The nurse had told the boys that there had been little to no light where they had been trapped and that the children may have to speak to a counselor before they are not able to move passed the event.

Upon further inspection he noticed that all the screaming had come from the toddler whose blonde hair was sticking in every direction as tears streamed down his red puffy cheeks. Louis sighed and looked at the toddler before moving forward to pick up the toddler. Louis took a few steps to close the distance between himself and Cara while trying to calm down Theo at the same time, it was honestly a miracle that Finn was still asleep which was amazing, but also met that his boyfriends were asleep right now but Louis really needed help right now. Louis briefly wished that Lou and Paul were here to help him out. Lou and Paul had left earlier this morning because someone needed to tell their management what was currently happening.

"Cara c'mon love can you look at me?" Louis asked softly gently while bouncing the young boy in his arms. Sighing when Louis receives a shrug of the shoulder and a shake of the head from the young girl who was quietly sobbing in the fetal position. Standing Louis walks over to the lamp on top of the black dresser that was placed next to the crib pulling on the chain to let some light in the room Louis puts the still crying toddler back into the crib.Louis groans as the toddlers wails once again get progressively louder.

The doncaster native rushes into the bathroom grabbing a cup and putting some water into the cup before rushing down the hallway to the room that Niall had been sleeping in during his time hiding here from him and the others. Seeing his younger boyfriends still sleeping made the oldests blood boil in anger as he threw the water on his boyfriends. Liam was the first to jerk awake as the water had mainly landed on him, when he woke up the muscled man accidently smacked Zayn in the face which made the second oldest boy groan. The youngest of the boyfriends woke up during all the commotion and sat up. Looking up at Louis, Harry could immediately tell that the oldest was annoyed and smacked his two arguing boyfriends upside the head to make them shut up.

The oldest boy says nothing to his boyfriends just walks out of the room silently, when he opens the door to the room screaming echos through the room and the others suddenly understand why he was so annoyed and they jump to their feet. The three boys make it to Theo's room and take in the scene, Liam goes to help Louis who was struggling to get the screaming toddler to calm down while Zayn and Harry move over to the twins. Harry moves to Cara who was still sobbing in the fetal position. Zayn silently moves to check on Finn who was somehow still sleeping through the entire commotion. Zayn picks up the young boy and walks to Niall's room and places him on the bed covering him in a blanket. By the time the boys managed to get everyone settled down once again it was already 6:50 so there was no point for them to even attempt to go back to bed. They could take quick naps at the hospital if they needed to after all. Harry walked into the kitchen to see what was in the fridge for a quick breakfast. The boys sat down for breakfast in the now peaceful house.


"Hello," A woman greets as she enters Niall's hospital room. The woman looks around in slight disgust of the state of the private room they had gotten for Niall. The woman was dressed in a pants suit with her hair in a loose ponytail and she looked to be in her mid 40's. There was another woman beside her that looked a bit less formal than the older woman. The younger woman appeared to be wearing a pair of converse with a nice dress and a denim to go over the dress, this woman appeared to be in her late 2o's.

"Hello can we help you," Louis asks looking up from where he was sitting beside his boyfriend who lay in a coma beside him, he had been brushing the hair out of his face.

"Yes, you can. Can you tell me if Cara and Finn Horan are here as well as Theo Horan," The older woman asks, she looks like she just wants to get the whole thing over with and not the least bit sorry for what she is about to tell the boys. The twins as well as Theo look up hearing their names. The other boys quickly distract the kids though. Louis stands for his boyfriends bedside and approaches the two women.

"Is there a reason for this?" The 0ldest asked the women taking them to the side of the room out of earshot.

"Yes, there is we are their social workers or at least I am. My name is Hailey Norbury, this girl is just observing me today. We are here to collect the kids and their things. Before you start asking any questions Mr. Horan had not been able to fill out any paperwork as to who the kids would be taken care of before the unfortunate... incident and because Theo's father is now brain dead he will be taken into the care of the system until Mr. Horan wakes up or you lot decide to pull the plug on him," The oldest woman Ms. Norbury explains.

Short I know and its probably really bad too but hey i updated ill be writing for a while but I wont be updating because I am going on a trip with my school for a few days! Thanks for putting up with the trashy writing and no updates. Y'all are honeslty  the best!~Payton  

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