Chapter: 6

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"What do you mean you don't know where Niall is you were spotted by paparazzi together yesterday!" Liam shouted into the phone. Liam was currently on the phone with Ed. Louis had his head phones on researching Niall Horan trying to find out where he was and what he was doing and if he could find any details on Niall's whereabouts. Harry was making food for them and calming his stressed boyfriends before they punched a wall... again. Zayn was on the phone with management trying to convince them to give them more then just a three day break so that they could look for their missing boyfriend. It all started two days ago when an article was published the feauted article was about NIall, talking about how Niall terminated his contract with modest.

*Flash Back*

"Boys come here!" Zayn yelled from the kitchen  where he was making a sandwich for himself. The boys looked at each other before rushing to the kitchen to see what was wrong.

"What's wrong babe?" Liam says as he looks Zayn over looking for  any injury. None of the bos see anything wrong and look at zayn confused they had heard a crash right before Zayn called for them. Not saying anything the Bradford boy pointed on the floor where his phone was open and cracked.

"Niall Horan leaves one direction and modest." Louis reads picking up the boys phone.

"Why would he leave the record label and us. It doesn't make any sense, we should talk to Paul." Liam says wisely and the others agree. Soon leaving the trailer in search of the tour manager.

*flash back over*

Since then the boys had been trying to find Niall's where abouts and where he is staying just so they know he is okay. They want to talk to him, but Paul said no and that he would talk to them when he was ready to talk to them and to give him some time. The boys were made aware of how long Niall had been thinking about leaving the band and they were thankful he stuck around as long as he did but they were upset with themselves that they didn't notice that he was getting distant.

"I know Ed we just want to know if he is okay." Liam said sighing into the phone. Liam winced at the reply. "I know, but is he safe he isn't drinking to much is he? He hasn't gone out partying or anything? No? Thanks anyway."

"Thanks Simon yeah I promise we will also work. It was supposed to be a week anyway, this gives the crew more time with their families. Yeah, thank you so much." Zayn said as he hung up the phone and walked into the kitchen where Harry had just been joined by Liam and Louis was still on one of the boyfriends laptops stalking the other boyfriend. Harry walked up to Louis and pulled out the head phone when he saw Zayn enter the kitchen.

"Do we want to here the news?" Harry asked the boys nodded.

"I'll go first from what I could tell from his recent replys on his tweets he is writing songs still and maybe working on an album but that was all from about two days ago when he left there hasn't been anything new except a picture posted by a fan of Taylor practically dragging Niall out of a bar in England." Louis said and all of them sighed. When Niall got upset or stressed he would go to a bar so obviously he was upset. Paul told them he and Lou had to go looking for Niall a couple of times because he went off for a drink on his own.

"Well I guess I will tell you I got half a week added to our break. Thought the only reason I think Simon agreed was because he said the tour staff could use a longer break and it won't hurt the tour as we don't start the concert in other countries until a week after anyway all we will be doing is pushing back interviews." Zayn said. The boys all nod happy that they get a longer break to try to get their nialler back.

"Ed said he and Taylor have had to keep a really close eye on Niall cause he keeps drinking. Niall found out that one of his uncles on his moms side died and he was a single dad to a 7 year old twins daughter and son, Niall is the legal guardian of them and they are going to Niall in a week." (Completely made that up cause why not more drama lol I just didn't know what to write cause I didn't know any family drama other then what's going on in mine right now and i rather not put that) Liam said sadly. The boys all looked down because they had known that specific uncle had been sick and his wife died unexpectedly one day. However they did not know Niall was the guardian of the twins Finn and Cara.

"Boys come on we are at the aeroport." Paul said as he stepped on the bus briefly. Paul was about to step back off the bus before he was called back by Harry.

"Have you talked to Niall?" Harry asks looking Paul in the eyes. Paul nods sadly trying to avoid eye contact with the boy. "Well how is he?"

"Depressed." Paul said before walking out of the tour bus. The boys look at each other before sprinting off of the bus to their tour manager.

"What do you mean depressed?" Zayn asks as he and the other boys fall into step with him.

"I mean his aunt and uncle died within the same year as his boyfriends started ignoring him. He doesn't see his family to often because of the distance and now he has to raise two kids on his own." Paul explains stopping and turning to the boys. "Lou and I are trying to be there as much as we can we are both going with him to Ireland on the break to help him get the children and go back to England. I know he wouldn't want be to tell you any of this because he is trying to stay strong. But he can't do this on his own he needs help from you guys and even if he won't admit it to himself he is hurting. All I can say is just give it some time and he will eventually come around but when you do see him... if you see him don't overwhelm him just try to have normal conversation with him, tell him you miss him, you love him, and that you are sorry and slowly he will forgive you. He just doesn't want you guys to leave him again so he is scared of acknowledging you. I will tell you this his new song he wrote is amazing and it's about all of you guys from what he told me it is the first of many songs. But again just give him time and space just not to much."

The boys all nod and watch Paul walk away before going to the tour bus and collecting all of their belongings and the few that Niall had left on the bus from when he had last been there. The boys made their way to the plane and got settled for the flight all excited and hopeful that they would see Niall again.

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