Chapter 5

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Niall nervously walked into the entrance of modest headquarters. Niall wiped his sweaty hands on his pants nervous that they won't let him terminate the contract. Ed and Taylor had offered to come with him but Niall had declined saying that he needed to do this on his own.

"Niall, you can head back now I assume you know where the conference room is." The nice secretary says Niall thanks her and heads back. Niall sees Simon at the head of the table and nods at him before taking his seat at the other side. Some of the other important people of Modest were also taking part in the meeting.

"What can we do for you today Niall?" Simon asks even though he already had an idea of what Niall was going to say today in this meeting.

"I want out of the contract" Niall said getting straight to the point not even saying hello. The people present in the meeting looked at him in shock with their jaws on the table. There was complete silence before everyone started talking at once. Niall couldn't understand a thing that was being said. Apparently neither could Simon because he slammed his fist on the table.

"Enough" Simon said holding his hand for a minute before dropping it at his side. "Let the boy speak or at least don't talk over each other so we can hear what he is saying."

"He can't end his contract though his time hasn't run out yet." One of the women that was in the meeting spoke up. Everyone turned to look at Niall thinking they had won.

"Actually I can because mine is a yearly contract stating that I could end it at anytime." Niall said calmly. "You can even pull up the documents if you would like to."

Instantly there was sounds of interns in the meeting searching up the document.

"He is right" said one of the interns as he looked through the file that was on the tablet.

"Let me see that Winston." The lady who had spoken up before said. The intern Winston made his way over to the lady. "The contact is in fact yearly and he can terminate it at any time."

"Well then terminate the contract" Simon said everyone looked at him as if he was crazy. Niall sent him a thankful smile which he earned in return. "So Niall if you don't mind me asking what are you going to do?"

"I have a chance to get new management with the same people that manage ed sheeran with a better contract." Niall says "and I have a few songs that I have been writing recently thanks to a couple of friends that helped me out."

"Why don't you stick with us we can give you better pay and a better offer then they can." A man across from the lady speaks up.

"Actually you can't because they won't make me "date" someone for publicity or make me hide whether I am gay straight or bi." Niall says angrily before calming down. "Thank you for your time."

Niall says before he walks out the door.

the next day Niall was walking in London with Taylor and ed and they saw an article. "Niall horan leaves one direction" "Niall horan left modest" and many more Niall couldn't help but smile and feel a bit accomplished for sticking up for himself. Taylor and Ed smiled at him and they continued their walk to the diner they were going to. Niall vaguely wondered what the boys were up to and how they were taking the news.

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