Chapter 11:

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"Where the hell is that boy?" Paul mutters to himself he and Lou had been trying to get in touch with Niall for the past half an hour their plane had landed an hour ago. Lux was running out of patience all she wanted to do was be put down, but Lou wouldn't let her like she would if the boys were here and other people were there to help keep an eye on the little girl. Paul looks down at his phone to call Niall again for the 5th time in the past half an hour.

"Paul! Lou!" Niall yells coming to a stop in front of the trio. Niall bends over and touches his knees panting out of breath. "Most exercise i've done since I left, I ran into a sign somewhere back there. It actually really hurt people started laughing at me, but I just kept running. "

"Hi Ni," Lou says chuckling at the boy. Lux makes grabby hands at Niall when he stands up properly. Niall gladly takes Lux from Lou's arms and kisses Lux's little chubby cheek Lux giggles at Niall as Niall kisses Lou's cheek. Niall gives Paul a hug and once they gathered all of their belongings the trio walk to the car with Lux in Niall's arms.

"So how are the twins?" Paul asks as they all get settled into the car. They had been in the car for about 5 minutes just trying to navigate themselves out of the airport parking lot. Niall of course was driving. Paul was in the passenger seat while Lou and Lux occupied the back. Niall was driving what Paul assumed to be Greg's ca judging by the fact that there was a car seat in the car and Greg had a son around the age of Lux, but a bit younger.

"They are good. Finn has always been a little bit less outgoing than his younger sister is so don't be surprised if he doesn't speak to much." Niall explains the two older adults nodded knowing that it was pretty normal for twins to be different. The rest of the ride consisted of catching up, the telling of stories, and remembering their favorite memories from Niall's time with the boys. They were all laughing hysterically at the memory of when Paul walked in on Niall and Louis making out before it came out to the staff that the 5 were dating. Paul had pulled Niall aside and told him that it was wrong to help Louis cheat on Liam. Later that day when they told Paul, Lou and Caroline as they were the people they were closest with on the staff. Lou and Caroline were happy for them and slapped Paul's arm when he said that they were giving him grey hairs and he later apologized to Niall. Niall and Louis were laughing remembering the face that Paul had made when he saw them making out. About 20 minutes later they arrive at Greg's house where they would be staying for the time being.

The group once again collect their belongings from the car. Niall cleans up all of the garbage and gets the groceries that they picked up on the way back to the house. The door to the front door opens suddenly and Cara runs out of the house with Finn following her closely behind. Niall looks up at the twins and watches as Finn chases Cara around the front entrance. Neither of the twins take notice of their guardian and continue what they were doing.

"Get the hell back in this house before you get a cold!" A annoyed and tired Greg yells from the door frame. Niall looks at his brother and waves. Greg notices him and waves at him back. "Oi Niall is back!"

Cara and Finn turn around and notice that Niall is back and Greg wasn't lying. The duo stop what they were doing having the decency to look a little bit embarrassed. Niall shakes his head at the twins and motion for them to go back into the house and they nod quickly entering the house once again. Niall shakes his head as he walks on the stone pathway to his brothers house Lou and Paul follow closely behind with their belongings. Niall was carrying the oddly large amount of garbage in one hand while holding Lux's hand at the same time. Niall told Paul and Lou themselves into the house while he helped Lux conquer the few steps in front of the house.

"Hi Greg thank you so much for letting us stay here to help Niall gather stuff." Lou says greeting Niall's older brother giving him a quick hug. Niall walked into to be greeted by the twins in a hug. Lux back away behind Niall's leg and clung to his leg which made the adults coo. Niall moved Lux in front of him and knelt down.

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