chapter 15

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"Niall... oh, my god, this is all our faults if only we didn't push him away like that!" Niall can hear the familiar voice of Harry cry, Niall wanted nothing more than to be able to get up and wrap the younger boy in a hug. Niall tries to move, but it is like he is stuck in a prison unable to move. Not giving up Niall tries to open his mouth to say something instead but to no avail. Niall was trapped in his own body. Suddenly Niall hears the door open and decides to pay attention.

"Hello, you must be Niall's bandmates it's nice to meet you," An unfamiliar voice who Niall assumes is the doctor speaks. After a moment of silence, the man continues, "My name is Doctor Rhodes, I am Mr. Horan's doctor. I am assuming you would like to know his condition, he has a broken back and a strained neck, I am sorry to inform you that Mr. Horan has fallen into a coma and it is unclear to us right now when exactly he will wake up."

"He will wake up though right?" Niall can make out the voice of Zayn asking.

"We are also unclear of that at this very moment." The doctor sighs sadly, Niall can hear the intakes of breath from the boys and he suddenly feels bad for all of this happening. He knows he shouldn't but he does. "However right now he can hear us talking. So talk to him, it may help the process along. (I'm not a doctor so don't judge me) Would you like to hear the conditions of the other family members?... Well, Greg is in surgery they are trying to save him he was impaled along with his wife by a rod. However, his wife died almost immediately and the damage to his organs is unknown. The little boy Theo who was home during the attack is fine and is unsure of what is happening. The twins, the girl has a fractured wrist from a rock that had fallen on it and the boy has a fractured leg and dislocated knee also from a rock falling on it."

Niall tuned the rest out, Denise was gone, Greg was dying, the twins both injured, Lou Lux and Theo and hopefully, Paul was all okay. Niall wished he could go back to happy times when he didn't worry about anything when it was just him and his boyfriends hanging around a venue.


"I LOST NIALL! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" Josh yells as he enters the boys' hotel room with the spare key that he had. The four boys were scattered around the apartment type thing they had in the hotel room each of them smirks at the panicked look on Josh's face and decide to make this torture for Josh.

"What do you mean you lost him?!" Louis growls from the couch standing and stalking towards Joah who begins to back against the wall. Louis suppresses the urge to laugh at Josh's expression.

"I don't know one minute we were dancing and the next he was gone," Josh says running a hand through his hair. It was obvious to the boys that Josh was going to lose it at any point in time.

"Its okay," Liam says deciding it was better to comfort the panicking lad then joke around with him like they had been planning to do originally.

"It's not fucking okay Liam!" Josh exclaims pushing Liam off of him. "What is wrong with you! I would have thought you would be panicking more than me! He could be lost... or-or kidnapped... or even worse what if he was ra-"

"Hey does anyone know where this cat came from or is it just my hallucination and it's not really here," Niall says walking out of the bedroom in a pair of boxer briefs and holding a cat in one arm and having his other held his head. The boys had closed all the blinds the previous night so there wasn't to much light because they knew how sensitive he was to light when he was hungover.

"Yea, babe on our way back from the bar you saw the cat on the side of the road and picked it up and when we told you to put the cat back you started crying and said that if the cat had to stay you would too," Harry explains softly to the hungover Irish man giving his forehead a little peck.

"Do you remember anything from last night babe?" Zayn questioned his only response was a nod from Niall.

"I was flirting and dancing with a guy and you guys pulled him off me saying that I was your boyfriend," Niall says Josh gapes at him and excuses himself to leave.

"That's not what I would call dancing I think that was more of grinding," Louis says Niall shrugs

"I hear no difference," Niall says making the boys glare at him "Can we keep the cat?"


The boys watch Niall as he peacefully lays in bed lost in their own memories they have with Niall. The boys had a few hours of peace and quiet before the twins were up and moving around, they were discharged that day to leave with the boys and that is exactly what they did. By the time they arrived at the house it was late and everyone went to bed lost in their own thoughts about Niall.

Hey sorry for the short chapter. I know its really bad but I didn't really know what to write cause ya know Niall's in a coma so there isn't much he can do. Anyway, next chapter should be up soon. Check out my new book called youth... its Narry and I have a few other books I have been working on. If you have any suggestions for a new zianourry or if you want another one let me know~Paytonxx

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