Chapter 7

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"Niall when is your plane leaving?" Taylor asks as she sets her bag by the door of Ed's apartment. The two were leaving today to start the European leg of the tour, both were extremely excited however they were both worried for Niall.

"The plane leaves at 9:56 tonight" Niall said to Taylor as he continued to pack his bag then closing it and moving it to the door. He was going to be attending his Uncles funeral which would be in 2 days and then Paul and Lou would come out to Ireland to help Niall and his two cousins who were now in his custody get their stuff and move to his apartment in England. Niall had face timed his cousins earlier today to see how they were doing. The twins were staying at Niall's brother, Greg's house until Niall can get to Ireland to pick them up.

"Niall, I know you said you really don't want to talk about it... any of it, but I really think you should try. If you don't want to talk to me or Ed at least find someone to talk to it about." Taylor said moving forward and placing a hand on Niall's shoulder and giving a reassuring squeeze. Niall turns around and Taylor can now see the tear stains on his face and how his eyes are red from crying. Taylor opens her arms for a hug and the two embrace in a hug. Niall cried into Taylor's shoulder for a few minutes before the two sat on the bed cross legged facing each other. The two were good friends and often would do this and talk about everything and anything going on in their lives.

"I miss them," Niall confesses and Taylor smiles at him sympathetically "but I am worried that if I go back to them they will take me for granted again I will end up with a broken heart again. I don't know if I can trust them again. Maybe if they were to prove it to me, but as far as I know they haven't tried to call either you or Ed looking for me and its's easy to tell who I have been with because it is in the papers." 

"Actually they have called and they ask Paul and Lou about you daily from what I have heard multiple times a day." Ed says from where he had been leaning in the door way waiting for either of the two to notice him there. Ed almost laughed at the confused face that Niall gave him and Taylor. "They broke your heart by ignoring you, there is no way that we are letting them anywhere near you until you want to talk to them again or get together with them again. None of us will stop you, but we want you to be sure of what you want to do."

"Thank you! I don't know what I would do without either of you, I know I met you through Haz, but you are both two of my best friends." Niall says smiling jumping up to hug Ed who gladly accepted the Horan Hug and the proceeded to hug Taylor.  "When are we leaving for the airport we can talk more in the car." 

"Actually that is why I had originally come to your room, because we need to leave now so you can catch your plane. Don't worry about your new apartment. Paul said he would take care of it after Taylor and I leave for tour. He said he will be there to get the furniture when it is dropped off." Ed said and Niall smiled and expressed his thanks to the ginger haired man. They grabbed the bags that Niall was taking with him and left the house. 

"So Niall how did you and the boys even start to date in the first place anyway." Ed asks as they started driving in the direction of the airport. Taylor's mouth drops in shock and Niall just stares at Ed.

"Do you seriously not know?" Niall asks after a minute of silence. 

"Yeah, why else would I ask." Ed responds looking at Niall through the rear view mirror. 

"I thought you knew!" Niall exclaimed as he leaned forward in his seat to get a better look at the gingered mans face to see if he was lying or not. Ed shook his head and Taylor looked at him blankly. "Well in that case it all started in a bar... with Josh about 2 years ago."

Flash Back    

Niall and Josh decided to go out tonight to one of the clubs in America after their concert in New York. The other boys were all in a type of relationship... well Niall thinks they are, but he isn't sure because they act like they are but they never actually told Niall at any point. Niall thinks it started with Larry and Ziam and eventually the two couples fell for each other and it became a four way relationship. Niall hadn't been left out or anything, but he didn't feel like being around the other boys because they were sickly cute. Josh texted Niall saying that he would be at the room the five boys shared in a few seconds. Niall responded and opened the door a crack for the brunette boy before walking to his room to change his shirt. He heard the door open and then felt a body behind him wrapping their arms around Niall's small waist. Judging by the tattoos on the arm it was Liam. 

" Where are you going?" Liam asked his breath against Niall's neck making Niall shiver. As much as he liked the feeling Niall knew that the other boys probably wouldn't appreciate their boyfriend hanging off of another boy so Niall pushed the older boy away. Niall tried to ignore the frown present on Liam's face as he walked out of his room and into the living room where he found Josh leaning in the hall way talking to Louis. He also noticed that Zayn and Harry were laying tangled up on the couch together. 

"I am going out with Josh."  Niall said  grabbing Josh's hand and walking out of the hotel room. Neither of the boys noticed  how all of the boys faces darkened seeing Niall grab Josh's hand. 

Later that night 5 shots and 3 pints in Niall was dancing in the middle of the crowd grinding on some random bloke before he was pulled away. Niall groaned at the loss of contact of the body. Josh was also somewhere in the crowd. 

"What the hell?" Niall exclaimed as a dazed and drunk Niall looked up to see who pulled him out of the crowd. Only to be met with the pissed faces of Liam and Harry. Niall then proceeded to look around for the other two knowing that it was not likely for Liam and Harry to be here without them as those two are very over protective. Niall sobered up once he saw that Zayn and Louis had the guy that Niall had just been dancing with pinned against the wall. Niall quickly went over to where they were and grabbed Louis shoulder pulling him back before going to Zayn who was glaring at the guy with his hand pulling at the collar of the mans shirt. "Let go of him Z!"

"Don't even think about touching my boyfriend ever  again or I will come after you."  Zayn said letting go of the guy after making it clear not to touch Niall ever again by pointing to him. The guy scurried off. Niall opened his mouth to ask why Zayn said that he was his boyfriend, but was interrupted by Louis kissing him. 

"Yes, boyfriend. You are our boyfriend right?" Harry asked after the kiss looking at Niall intensely. Still in his daze Niall nodded dumbly at them. Which made each of them smirk.

Flash back is done

"So basically you started dating because they were all jealous and asked when you were drunk and you still went along with it?" Ed asked as they pulled up to the airport. Niall and Taylor both nodded in agreement. 

"The morning after is a fantastic story, but for another time." Niall says as they all get out of the car. Ed grabs Niall's suitcase and takes it for him to the check in (or however it works in England) They all quickly said their goodbyes and Niall promised to text them when he arrived before going through security. 

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