Chapter 9

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Niall day in his room for the time being at his brothers house with a notebook in front of him. There were multiple crumpled sheets of paper scattered around where he lay down in his bed attempting to write songs, but he couldn't think of anything to write. Niall's head went blank as he started to think about the boys. Niall started to cry a little as began to start writing all of his feelings down on the sheet of paper twenty minutes later he had managed to make one song out of his feelings. Niall looked down at the paper with a sense of accomplishment. Just as he was going to start thinking of the music behind the lyrics he heard the door squeak open causing Niall to look up from what he was doing on the paper.

"Ni?" A little girl with brown hair asked quietly cracking the door open a bit so just her face was through the door. Niall motioned for the little brown haired girl to come into the room. The little girl Cara jumped onto the bed and buried herself into Niall (god that sounds wrong).

"What's up babygirl?" Niall asks he had been here for about 3 days and the twins came to him upset often which was understandable they had lost both of their parents in the span of a year. This morning when he woke up he had three imposters in his bed, apparently Theo was put in the bed with Niall because he wanted his uncle which Niall found cute, but when he first woke up Theo was on his chest and he thought it was a giant rat and almost freaked out. The twins had both had nightmares and they had been sleeping downstairs in another spare room that Greg had in his  house. Niall had always been closest to Cara and Finn was close with him just not as close as cara, but Finn wasn't really talking much opting to let cara do it. Finn had never been a fan of talking though. Niall figured that his logic behind it was that his younger twin sister did enough talking for the both of them. For as long as Niall can remember Finn was never the one to be able to ramble on about nonsense for twenty minutes.

"When are we going to England?" Cara asks softly looking up at Niall with big brown eyes that vaguely reminded him of Liam's big brown puppy eyes because of the shape and coloring of her eyes. Niall sighed and moved Caras hair out of her face. Niall enjoyed being back home it was a break from reality and being famous. He also didn't have to deal with the stress that would surely come back as soon as he stepped off the plane. Niall was completely content with just writing songs for a while and making sure the twins like and get used to the places and life style in England he hopped that once they went back to school they wouldn't get made fun of for their accents. Niall opens his mouth to explain the plan when his phone went off blaring 'beside you' by five seconds of summer and he immediately knew that it was Luke, and with his luck probably the rest of the boys as well. He gave Cara the sign for one minute and she nodded laughing a little at the look that he has on his face. Niall answered the phone.

"Ello" Niall says into the phone and quickly pulls the phone away from his ear when he hears the screaming voices of the boys of five seconds of summer. Niall pulls the phone away from of his ear not wanting to get a headache from the loudness, Niall waited for a few seconds for them to quite down. It took about 2 minutes in the end, but it happened so that was a success. 

"Wait he hasn't talked at all, has he hung up on us?" He hears the voice of Calum speak up. He hears the phone moving and people shifting as they were probably moving to find the phone again.

"No it says he hasn't hung up on us!" Niall hears Luke announce after a minute. It took all of Niall's will power not to laugh at the group of boys he was best friends with.

"Is he alive?" Niall heard Michael ask. It was clear that it was meant to be a joke, but there was a silence that followed after and that's when Niall realized they really did think that he died.  Niall tried not to laugh before answering, but he didn't succeed and ended up laughing hysterically at the group of idiots.

"Yeah, he is definitely alive. Only an alive Niall could make that laugh happen." He hears Ashton say which only makes him laugh more. He continues laughing as he hears Ashton say "Not that it's a bad laugh just that it's a unique laugh that I have only heard come out of Niall."

"Uh-huh" Niall says after calming down after laughing for a about two minutes.

"Yay Niall's not dead!" Niall chuckles as the boys begin to cheer over the phone. Looking at the time Niall realized that it was nearing 22:00 which was the twin's bed time.

"Hey boys, is it okay if I call you later I just need to get the twins to bed now." Niall says the boys all agree telling him to tell the twins that they said hi. The twins had met the four boys when they were on skype with Niall the other day. Niall hung up the phone and picked up the tired Cara who was half asleep on his bed and took her to the bathroom and having her brush her teeth, wash her face with some water, go to the bathroom, and lastly had her brush her hair so he could attempt to do it. At this point Niall had learned that he could do a pretty good regular double braid. However; each time he couldn't help, but think that any of the other boys would do a better job. Niall put her in bed after she was done getting ready and noticed that Finn wasn't in the room so he went searching for the 7 year old boy throughout the house only to see him sitting on the bed in Niall's own room.

"Hey, what's up buddy?" Niall asks the boy as he sits on the bed himself moving a few of the crumbled papers from earlier away and onto the ground telling himself that he will pick it up later, which he never does get around to.

"There was a spider in my bed." The young boys says shyly. Niall resists the urge to coo at his cuteness and instead ruffles his spikey brown hair held up with some hair gel.

"How about we go get the spider and set him free outside and then we get you into bed." Niall says as he stands up offering his hand to the boy. The boy gladly takes his hand and the duo head downstairs in search of a cup and an envelope so that Niall could catch the spider and set him free. They returned to the room the children were sharing and Niall sent Finn to go get ready for the day. When Niall caught a glimpse of the spider all of his confidence shattered and he grabbed Cara out of her bed and ran throwing her in the bed before running downstairs and doing the same for Finn. With the boys Niall and Liam never had to deal with the bugs unless they were small bugs and could handle it, but this spider was about a twenty centimeters long and wide bigger then a giant spider according to Niall.

Niall fell asleep that night dreaming of the best memories he had with the boys. The twins sleeping in his bed next to him and forgetting to set his alarm that he needed so he could pick up Paul, Lou and Lux from the airport.

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