Chapter 1:

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Niall looked around his hotel room one last time to make sure that he had everything that he needed. Niall had made a decision to leave the band. After all the boys had been ignoring him for a while now. He hasn't even got a clue what he did wrong. Niall has tried multiple times to pin point exactly what he did wrong so he could apologies but he couldn't even think of anything. All that came to mind was that maybe his boyfriends had gotten tired of him and didn't want him around any longer so why not fulfill their wish and leave them alone. It has been close to 6 months since they have talked to him. Niall has tried talking to them but they either wouldn't listen, start a conversation with one of their boyfriends or whoever was around, or worst of all just completely ignore him and walk away and Niall just couldn't take it anymore.

Even the fans had noticed that something was wrong. Most of the fans began to hate on Niall, Niall knows that they are not real fans, but that doesn't mean it hurts any less. Although some fans did ask him what was wrong and said if he ever needed someone to rant to then he could talk to him any time. Those were always Niall's favorite fans, he always made sure to thank them and follow them but he never took them up on their offer.

"Niall your car is waiting to take you to the concert." Paul says as he walks into the hotel room. Taking in the surroundings Paul lets out a heavy sigh. "You're really going through with this aren't you?"

Niall doesn't respond he just nods. Paul sighs once again deciding not to argue with the boy knowing that he already made up his mind anyway so there is no reason to. Paul, Caroline, and Lou have all tried to convince him to stay but they all knew this was hard on the boy so they weren't going to argue with it anymore. They even tried to get him to at least tell the other members but every time he shuts them down saying that he has gotten a plan and not to worry about anything. Paul grabs a bag and walks to the door before holding it open for Niall. The duo walk to the car in silence and put the bags into the car. The drive to the venue was quite.

"The car is going to pick you up at the back, but before you leave you are to meet us in the hair room. Okay?" Paul instructs Niall. Niall nods in understanding.

"Thanks for everything Paul. I will see you later I need to go before the boys get to Caroline and Lou." Niall says giving Paul a quick hug before running of to wardrobe. It wasn't that Niall was avoiding the rest of the boys it was just he didn't want to have any awkward encounters and Niall was leaving tonight and he didn't want to talk to them right now. Paul watches Niall go with sad eyes before notifying the rest of security what was happening later tonight. Paul knew management didn't know and wouldn't know until later, but Simon did and he knew it was best for Niall so he didn't fight it.

"Come sit down love." Lou says when she spots Niall and gets off of the chair she was sitting in in front of the mirror. Niall sits down and Lou works on Niall's hair in silence. "So you're really leaving tonight?"

"Yeah Lou, I got to do what's best for me right now I will keep in touch." Niall says standing up. Lou nods.

"Okay I will see you after the concert please try to have fun okay?" Lou asks and Niall nods before heading to see Caroline. Normally the guys went to see Caroline then Lou but Niall decided to switch it up so he wouldn't have to feel like his heart is being torn apart every time that he saw his loves together. After seeing Caroline and having a similar conversation that he had with Lou. Niall went back stage to where he knew the band was hanging out.

"Hey guys." Niall says walking into the room and sitting next to Josh. The band has been there for him through this entire situation. Niall has gotten closer to all of them, but he and josh are probably the closest out of all of them.

"So you are really leaving? Where are you going to go?" Jon asks as he studies Niall.

"What ever you do don't go to Ireland that is way to predictable." Sandy comments making them all chuckle.

"That's if they even come looking for me." Niall comments bitterly making all their smiles from the previous comment go way.

"I'm sure they will and realize how stupid that they have all been." Sandy comments putting a hand on Niall's shoulder for reassurance.

"But seriously where are you going to go?" Dan asks changing the topic.

"Ed said I can stay at his apartment in London since he is not going to be home because he is on tour with Taylor." Niall says and the band nods.

"You are needed on the stage 5 minutes till start" One of the security guys says opening the door. The boys stand and make their way to stage talking and laughing and talking about random shit.

After the last song of the concert in Las Vegas everyone was thanking the audience for coming out to see them finally it came time for Niall to talk.

"Thank You all so much for coming out tonight you have been amazing crowd and an amazing last concert so thank you so much for coming out." Niall says as he walks off the stage and to the back. The back band showed up and clapped him on the back and they walked to the hair and make up room to meet with the people that Niall was going to say good bye to. When they arrived they saw that Paul, Lou, Lux and Caroline were all waiting for them.

"Your car is waiting for you in the back. We better make this quick." Paul says before pulling Niall into a hug. "Do not forget to call us when the plane lands we won't tell them where you went unless we get permission. Stay safe."

"I'll miss you honey make sure to stay in touch." Caroline says pulling him into a quick hug before letting go and wiping a few tears away. Lou pulled him in for a hug with Lux in her arms.

"Bye nialler we will miss you." Lou whispers before handing Lux to Niall so he could say bye to her. Niall held onto her while he said bye to Jon Josh Dan and Sandy. Finally Niall started saying bye to Lux. He gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead before handing her back to Lou. Niall let a few tears slip as did most of the others. Niall grabbed the bag that he had brought in and jogged to the car. Lux started screaming and kicking as if knowing what was happening. Niall climbed in and told the driver to go. Niall watched out the back window as Harry Zayn Louis and Liam ran out of the building. And looked around before spotting the group that he had just said good bye to. They pointed to the car as it drove away. All the boys looked like they were going to run after the car. But they didn't. Niall turned back around and went on twitter.

There were two tags that were trending #niallcomeback and #niallleavetheband it seemed that there were more in the second tag. Niall scrolled through the comments and saw that most were happy about his departure from one direction but there were a few people in the band that were sticking up for him. This had been happening a lot recently. One stuck out to him in particular. One girl wrote I'm glad Niall is leaving the band because it might give him the chance to make his own music. Niall made sure to like, retweet and reply to the tweet saying. 'Maybe I will' before he turned off his phone and waited to get to the airport.


Hey people that are reading this! I have had this idea in my mind for a while now so I decided to finally write it down and share it with you guys.

Next chapter will be with the boys.

Oh and lux is only two or three in this.

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