Chapter 4:

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The tour buses were making their way to the airport. Once everyone was boarded they had stayed the night in a hotel in Las Vegas. The airport was not far from the main part of Las Vegas, but they forgot to fill the gas tank for the trip. Paul decided to take this time to get some fresh air and call his wife Clodagh. Paul knew that the boys were going to take his phone to try to get in contact with Niall; however, Paul did not think that the boys were going to jump on him when he was on the phone with his wife and take his phone.

"Sorry Paul, but we need to get in touch with Niall someway!" Liam yelled as they ran off, but Liam didn't seem even the slightest sorry. Paul sighed and shook his head. He already got the text that Niall landed as he was on the phone Clodagh. Paul walks back to the tour bus he was on shaking his head.

"Lou text Niall and tell him to call your phone or someone else's just not mine." Paul says loudly as soon as he enters the tour bus. Lou comes in the main room shushing Paul with her phone in hand.

"I just put Lux down for a nap again she had woken up she should be up in like 20 minutes, but if she doesn't get at least an hour she is cranky for the rest of the day." Lou explains as she finishes the text then hits send on her phone before looking at Paul. "Do you want to tell me why I had to tell Niall to call me and not you?"

"The boys jumped me and got my phone when I was on the phone with Clodagh," Paul says running a hand down his face in annoyance. Lou shakes her head in what seems to be a mixture of shock and disappointment.

"That is ridiculous!" Lou exclaims before turning on Paul, "and you just let them!"

"There is not point in even arguing with them about it." Paul says sighing. "As long as Niall knows not to call my phone then everything is fine. He will talk to them when he is ready, but he needs time to think over everything that has happened and if he even wants to talk to them."

"Yeah I know. When did he say that he was going to call?" Lou asks just as her phone rings and looking at who it is Lou just chuckles. "Apparently right now!"

"Hey! Why couldn't I call Paul's phone?" Niall questions as he appears on the screen. Paul smiles at him as does Lou.

"Nothing to worry about." Paul responds shaking his head. "So what are you doing right now?"

"The boys took It didn't they?" Niall asks, Niall gets a nod in response from Lou. Niall then gains a confused look on his face. "I don't get it the boys didn't care when I was there, but now all of a sudden now that I am gone they care. Any way I just woke up, Ed Taylor and I were watching friends until dawn."

"Sounds fun! I am going to get Lux she misses you." Lou says before handing the phone off to Paul and walking to the back where Lux was laying down.

"untle Ni!" Lux shouted when she saw Niall. Niall smiled and waved. "Where you I want play"

"I'm on the other side of the ocean so when you come back home you can visit okay?" Niall explains the best he could with out revealing to much in fear that Lux will accidentally tell the boys where he is.

"You will see Uncle Ni in a few days when we go home for the break." Lou explains further "He is going to come visit us isn't he."

"Yes I am Lou don't worry." Niall says when he sees the look of doubt on Lou's face. "So whats new there?"

"Other then the boys are heart broken and determined to get you back one way or another. Nothing much." Paul says Niall rolls his eyes wen he tells him about the boys. "So what are you thinking of doing?"

"Well I am going to terminate the contract with Modest and Ed said that his management wants me to sign. So I may sign with them if Modest actually lets me terminate the contract and Taylor and Ed are going to help me write a couple of songs tomorrow before they have to leave for the first leg of the tour on Friday." Niall says Paul and Lou smile happy for the boy. They knew he still loved the boys, but that he just needed some time to think everything over.

"That's great Niall! Well we have to go board the plane we will see you on Saturday for dinner." Lou says, the boys have to make a stop for a couple of interviews but then they would be back in England by Friday night.

"See you guys on Saturday I can't wait!" Niall says before he hangs up the phone.


"Zayn did you get Paul's phone unlocked?" Louis says after hearing the victorius yell from where he was sitting beside his tan boyfriend on the couch. Louis and Zayn had been tasked with unlocking Paul's phone to get to Nialls new number so that they could contact him. About halfway through Louis has gotten bored and began to play FIFA, but zayn continues working on it for about half an hour.

"Yeah! HARRY LIAM I GOT IT UNLOCKED!" Zayn exclaimed excitedly. Harry and Liam come running in from the other room where they were just...making out judging from the blushes on their faces and their swollen lips.

"You did!?" Liam asks really loud almost yelling from happiness. "Well what are you waiting for find his number!"

After a few minutes of scrolling through the contacts the boys found Niall under the name of tour son with a picture of him and lux. The boys realized that when they stopped paying attention to Niall he would disappear and so would Lou and Lux so Niall must have been hanging out with them. They hit the face time button and it rang for a few moments before Niall picked up his phone.

"Hey Paul did you get your phone back?" Niall asks laying down on his couch in his apartment where he had gone with Taylor and ed to retrieve stuff because he was moving into Eds house for the time being.

"Hey Paul what's up!" The boys hear a female voice yell from somewhere in the apartment.

"It's not Paul." Harry says sounding pissed off. After all Niall is bisexual so he could have been with this mystery girl. Niall freezes and tenses as he recognizes the voice and they hear footsteps and suddenly Taylor is in front of the screen. Taylor curses and quickly ends the call.

"Well that was unsuccessful." Liam says as he sighs. "But at least we know that he is alright."

"We will try again a different day but until then we will just get his number and we will text him daily saying we are sorry." Zayn says speaking up once again.

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