Chapter 3:

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Niall arrived at the airport in less then half an hour because of how close the airport is to everything. Niall went through security and looked for places to eat finding a restaurant with a bar called chopped. Niall ordered a cheese burger and a beer. Niall decided to pass the time by going on his phone taking his phone out of the back pocket of his jeans, Niall looked at his phone once again his lock screen was a picture of him with his... boyfriends? are they even still together? To Niall they will probably always be the boys that he loves, but they are not together anymore in his mind. As for the other boys Niall has no idea they seemed upset when they were outside, but that might have just been because he didn't tell them. Niall sighs and scrolls through his camera roll to find a picture not wanting a constant reminder of what happened anymore. Niall thinks he needs to move on so this is the best way do it. Finally Niall found a picture that Lou had sent him about a month ago of him and Lux. (below)

While his boyfriends were all caught up in their own thing Niall began to hang out even more with Lux, Lou, Caroline, Sandy, Jon, Josh, Dan, and even Paul when he could

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While his boyfriends were all caught up in their own thing Niall began to hang out even more with Lux, Lou, Caroline, Sandy, Jon, Josh, Dan, and even Paul when he could. Niall knew he would miss everyone but he had to be selfish instead of selfless for a while. Niall ate his cheese burger in peace and stayed drinking his second beer when his plane was called. Niall sits down in his seat and immediately fell asleep. The flight was long but Niall slept through almost all of the flight only waking up once because he was really hungry and really had to pee. As soon as he finished the crappy plane food Niall went back to sleep.

"Honey you have to wake up know the plane has landed." A kind stewardess says as she shakes the fake blond from his slumber.

"Five more minutes." Niall mumbles trying to move away from the stewardess who chuckles to herself.

"Honey the plane has landed, you can stay on this plane if you want but I don't think the stewardess that will be in charge on the next flight will be nice." The stewardess says softly coxing the tired Niall to get out of the chair. Niall wakes up a bit more and wipes the sleep away from his eyes. "Besides I don't think that you want to stay in these chairs for so long they aren't to comfortable."

"Thanks for waking me up and being so nice about everything. I wish there were more stewardesses like you." Niall says with a thick Irish accent which makes the stewardess blush.

"Thank you for the complement. Now you better get going or else you might miss your bag at baggage claim." The stewardess says making Niall smile. Niall rushes off the plane, but not before hugging here and taking a picture after she promised that she would not share it. The photo was for her daughter. Niall rushed to baggage claim where he found his large black suit case that just barely missed the over weight mark. Niall was being picked up by Ed and Taylor because they were in England for a day or two as a break from tour. After Nail picked up his bag he found the other two singers and approached them.

"Hey Nialler, how was the flight?" Ed asks pulling the blond friend in for a quick hug. Taylor does the same, but hugs him for a few seconds longer then Ed. Taylor and Harry dating was just a publicity stunt and they were actually friends. All of them were friends.

"It was okay a guess I was asleep for the majority I think I was only awake for 40 minutes before I fell back asleep. I also met a really nice flight attendant who woke me up, but wasn't mean or angry about." Niall says the trio heads to the car none of them were wearing any disguises, but they were not in the mood to meet any fans because it was 1 in the morning in England. Luckily they only saw one fan and she was really polite and promised not to share the picture on social media to hide Niall's location. She asked what happened with Niall and the band, but Niall responded that he just could not do it anymore and when asked if he would put out his own solo music he said that he was thinking about it but wasn't sure yet if he would. The girl who was about 13 walked away from the three singers after taking pictures with them and getting autographs.

"You should put out your own solo music Ni. You are an amazing song writer." Taylor says looking at him from her place in the passenger seat of Ed's range rover.

"Thanks Tay, I will I just need to wait a bit. But I do have a song idea in mind." Niall responds as he checks his phone and texts Paul that he landed and would call later.

"Brilliant, then you can sign with my label company. That way you also don't have to deal with Modest who made you extremely insecure." Ed says grinning at Niall through the rear view mirror making Niall smile back at him. It was nice to have people that cared, not that he didn't have anyone that didn't care about him on tour. It was just that it seemed like the four boys that Niall loved most didn't seem to care about him anymore.

"Yeah I am going to talk to modest tomorrow to get out of that contract." Niall says sighing. "Thankfully I followed my moms advice and the contract is for one year at a time and my mum had a lawyer check it so I can get out of the contract whenever."

"That was a good idea on your moms part." Ed says smiling as they pull up to a Tortilla. "Now lets get some food!"

Taylor and Niall cheered and the trio ended up eating multiple burritos with in the span of 2 hours.

"At least I don't have to explain where the food goes because I am skinny." Niall says as he takes a bite of his 5th burrito. The burritos weren't to big that it was weird to eat more than one or two.

"I feel your pain." Taylor says before taking a bite of her 3rd burrito. Ed rolled his eyes and took a bite of his own burrito, Ed was on to his 3rd burrito as well. Ed too was skinny but he had no idea how those two ate the way the did. Not that he would ask. The three eventually left and ended up just watching friends on Ed's TV until the morning. None of them had anything to do the next day.


Thanks for reading, that last part was completely random. It was there cause I had food on my mind when I wrote this and I was starving. Don't know how big the burritos/ tacos at tortilla are, but they are small, never been but it sounds good... any way hope you liked the chapter.

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