chapter 12

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"I love you all, but I don't know if I could have a relationship with you again. Besides even if I could it would take a really long time to earn my trust back. So don't worry about me, we will still talk and everything." Niall says softly, Liam looks up at the others with tears in his eyes they were all sitting in their bed. Louis had tears in his own eyes and running down his face, but he pulls the now sobbing Liam into his arms and lets him cry. Harry also starts sobbing and he falls into Zayn who holds him close to himself. Zayn is holding himself together the best he can as of right now.

"We will get you back. We can promise you that." Zayn says quietly as tears start to fall down his face. The line dies and all the boys lost it and started crying hysterically knowing that this was all their fault and they might never get him back.


Louis is the first wake up the next morning and silently walks to the kitchen. He is fully aware that he looks awful right now. Probably just as bad as the other boys. Louis makes himself a cup of Tea just the way that Niall used to make it for him. He silently sits at the island on one of the stools that they have there his hands wrapped around the warm mug that Niall had gotten for his birthday the previous year. Louis sits there thinking of what could have made them all ignore the boy, he was always their light in the darkest of days. Had it been that day they all went clubbing and left Niall at home because he didn't want to go. Or was it the day when Niall had gotten sick and they cancelled the things that they were supposed to be doing that day and instead of staying at home taking care of Niall they decided to go out and get somethings done. Louis then realizes it was probably that day Niall wanted to go to the pub, but Harry didn't want to go so they just said they would stay in for the night. Niall had gone out anyway, but with 5 seconds of summer who were touring with them. When they returned Niall was drunk and had stumbled into the room where they were sleeping and woke them up and they had all gotten angry with him. Louis' thoughts were interrupted when one of the phones that they left on the table behind the couch. Standing up Louis looked at the phone and realized that it was Ashton so he answered the phone.

"You broke the leprechaun." Ashton says bluntly. Louis scoffs at him.

"And how would you know that?" Louis asks

"Well for one I was talking to him yesterday with the boys, He sounded heartbroken over the phone and two Ed called me not really sure how he got my number, but he said that we should figure out a way to cheer him up when he comes back. So I thought of calling you... any ideas?" Ashton explains.

"You're are asking one of the guys he just broke up with for advice?!" Louis asked as if Ashton was stupid.

"Yeah yeah I know it's stupid, but Ed turned down all of my ideas except one." Ashton expalined futher.

"And what was the idea he didn't turn down down?"

"Niall coming on tour with one of us for a while" Ashton says. Louis thinks it over. It actually wasn't a bad idea, but the kids. "The only problem is that then we would also have to bring the kids which i don't think is a great idea."

"Yeah I agree with that. Just take him out for the day and go to the pub or something." Louis says "Do you know where Niall's new flat is at?"

"Yeah, but i'm not allowed to tell anyone though." Ashton answers


"Paparazzi, fans, you, enemies, old flings." Ashton rushes out "You know Niall told me that a guy once showed up at his flat and wanted to hook up with him, but niall just slammed the door in his face."

"No, when did this happen?" Louis growled, his protective boyfriend instincts kicking in immediately.

"Oh um maybe a few months ago... like when you were ignoring him and he would talk to us daily when you guys weren't there. Ya know we really thought that whole ignoring thing would end faster than it did." Ashton says his voice quieting down as he spoke more.

"Oh well I got to go" Louis says wanting to end the conversation and to spend some time with Liam who had just woken up. Louis faintly heard Ashton say bye and the line going dead. Louis turned on the couch he had settled on so he could see his younger boyfriend. "How did you sleep?"

"I miss Niall," Liam said breaking down into tears again. "Why did we have to hurt him so bad and ignore him?"

"I don't know Li. If I knew we were doing it I would have stopped it. I wish that I could go back in time and prevent this all from happening at all." Louis responded as Liam walked around the couch and fell on top of him. Louis kissed his forehead noticing his eyes were bloodshot and he was now wearing one of the hoodies Niall had stolen from him and never given back. Going through Niall's door the other day made them realize how much of their own stuff Niall had taken from them. "Why don't you try to sleep a little bit more babe"

"Okay... can we try to call Niall again today?" Liam asked quietly looking up at Louis through tired eyes. Louis gave Liam a sad smile and nodded giving him a kiss on the nose.

"Of course babe." Louis said and Liam lay his head on Louis' shoulder. Liam drifted to sleep and Louis soon followed him to sleep. Neither heard the phone ringing.

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