Chapter 10

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Liam blinked a few times to get used to the light that was in his shared room. He sat up and looked around for Niall happily because he wanted to talk about the dream he had with his boyfriend who was always happy to talk about anything and everything. Not that the others weren't happy to do the same it was just that didn't always have the same patience as Niall did at times. Liam deflated a bit as he remembered that Niall was mad at them and in Ireland for the time being. Slowly Liam got out of bed carefully being careful not to wake up his sleeping boyfriend's. Walking through the hallway of their shared flat on the way to their kitchen all he could think about was the dream and Niall. Arriving in the kitchen Liam took out the proper supplies for a protein shake as he thought about Niall. When his shake was ready he sat down on one of the breakfast bar stools.

"Hi Babe!" Liam said as he saw Niall walk in the door he was carrying Cara on his hip with her head hid in the crook of his neck, Finn was next to him looking exhausted. Liam walked up to Niall and gave him and quick peck before he picked up the tired little blond haired boy. Niall sighed and walked to Cara's room putting her down on the bed and she curled into the sheets clutching her stomach. Liam quickly left the room to put Finn in his own room and told him to draw or something. Liam reentered the room close to panicking."What's wrong with her!?"

"She's just got the flu, Li. She will be fine in a few days" Niall said calming down his boyfriend before he could seriously start panicking about it. Niall tucked her into her bed kissing her head before leaving the room and entering the kitchen. When Niall finished preparing the kettle and taking out the ingredients for the cup of tea for Cara, Niall turned around and rubbed his hands up and down Liam's arms as a soothing action as he speaks to him in a soft voice."The called me as my recording session was almost over and because I am on good terms with Rocker Music at the moment they let me leave the studio early. Otherwise I would have called you or one of the other boys to pick them up."

Suddenly the bright image changed into what it looked like at one of the parks in Ireland. To Liam it was like he was watching a movie. Liam could see Niall walking in a park with the twins they were all laughing about something. Cara ran forward a little bit excitedly she pointed towards something that read 'Lilliput Adventure complex' she looked so excited. Finn ran forward to and the twins ran to the entrance. Once they arrived to the entrance they waited impatiently for a now brown haired Niall. Niall laughed at their impatience and opened the door walking into the entrance room. Niall walked up to the receptionists desk and began to talk to her. After a discussion the family of 3 moved throughout the complex. The three walked around going rock climbing and the moving along to kayaking. Eventually the three got bored and entered the car again. After a few minutes drive they arrived at another complex, the building read 'kingdom of sports' the family entered the building. After a few hours of fun there and the family decided to leave, but just as they started to leave that's when disaster struck. Niall was talking to the person at the front desk when an alarm went off. Cara screamed in horror as a piece of concrete fell from the ceiling falling on one of the workers standing a few feet away from her. The worker had been smiling just a few seconds ago and now she was dying under a large piece of concrete. Niall moved fast and grabbed Finn and Cara throwing them behind the desk with the simple order to hide under the desk. Liam desperately wanted to be there to help Niall. Liam watched in horror as Niall took a hit from some of the falling debris to protect a pregnant woman and her child. That's all Liam could see before they were covered in rock.

"Liam! Liam are You okay!?" Liam could hear someone saying the voice became louder and louder as Liam snapped out of his daydream turned daymare. The boys looked worriedly at their boyfriend who was shaking and had a pale face. The protein shake that he had made was all over the table and the floor, lastly there was blood from cuts he got from the broken glass.

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