chapter 14

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Groaning Zayn gets out of bed. There has been a phone ringing for the past few minutes and no one has gotten up to answered the phone yet. Zayn walks into the living room running a hand through his messy hair. Zayn arrives and smiles softly when he notices two of his boyfriends sleeping on the couch. Grabbing the phone that is ringing Zayn answers the phone not knowing who it was or whose phone he was answering.

"Hello?" Zayn speaks his voice raspy and accent thick with sleep.

"Hello is this Harry Styles?" A woman asks. Zayn furrows his eyebrows in confusion.

"Uh no, this isn't he is still asleep. Who are you?" Zayn asks wanting to know the reasoning of the call it was only 8:00 in the morning after all.

"My name is Jane I am a nurse. Harry is listed as one of Niall Horan's emergency contacts." The woman, Jane replies. Zayn is speechless for a moment wondering why a nursewas called.

"Well can you tell me what is wrong with Ni-" Zayn begins before he is interrupted by Jane's voice.

"No. I am sorry, but I cannot disclose any information besides Mr. Horan's emergency contacts." Jane explains.

"I am one of his emergency contacts. My name is Zayn Malik." Zayn says slightly losing his patience with the woman on the phone.

"Oh, in that case, Mr. Horan was brought into the hospital early this morning. There was an earthquake and he was covered in rubble. The two kids that are under his guardianship are okay both are just a little bit shaken up." The nurse explains.

"Thank you so much, I will be there as soon as possible," Zayn says thanking Jane one last time before hanging up the phone. Zayn leans against the table running a hand through his messy hair once again and letting some tears run down his face. Zayn didn't want to tell the boys because he knew they were going to break down immediately. Louis was trying to be strong for all of the boys, but Zayn knew he was probably going to break down soon enough. "This cannot be happening right now"

"Babe are you okay?" Harry asks entering the room rubbing the sleepiness away from his eyes. Zayn looks at Harry sadly allowing Harry the time to take in the state that Zayn was in. Harry looked at Zayn in concern. "What's wrong? what's happened?"

"Wake up the others and start packing a bag," Zayn says blankly standing up straight and going to their room, Harry decides not to question Zayn and turns to Louis and Liam to wake them up.

"Guys wake up something is wrong with Zayn," Harry says loudly in Louis' ear. Louis sits up quickly knocking Liam off the couch and hitting heads with Harry.

"What's wrong with Zayn?" Louis asks in a rush worried about his younger boyfriend. Harry shakes his head at Louis and Liam groans from where he is laying on the floor.

"Nothing happened to him he just seems to be in a mood." Harry explains "when I woke up and walked out of the room Zayn was leaning against the table running his hand through his hair with tear tracks on his face. And I think I he was gripping one of our phones. Anyway, he told me to tell you to pack bags but he didn't say what it was for."

"I'll talk to him to figure out what happened" Liam volunteered. Louis nodded and turned to harry.

"C'mon while Liam talks to Zayn let's pack all of us a bag so we can get out of here as soon as possible depending on whatever is happening," Louis says. Harry nods and the two walk to their room each giving Liam a kiss on the cheek.

"Zayn? Zayn!? Where are you, babe?" Liam asks moving around the apartment. Finally noticing that the bathroom door was closed. Knocking on the door Liam asks Zayn to open up the door up the door with no response. Finally, Liam just decided to try opening the door and discovered that it wasn't even locked in the first place. Liam found Zayn on the bathroom floor asleep with tear tracks down his face. He bent and picked up his older boyfriend easily and carried him to their room.

"Is he asleep?" Harry asks when he notices Liam enter the room with Zayn in his arms.

"Yeah, we can wake him up and ask him what is happening when we are don't packing," Liam says. The other boys nod and they continue packing. They packed for about a week just to be safe depending on what the problem was. Zayn woke up and looked at the boys.

"Niall is in the hospital we got a call this morning." zayn explains sadly. The boys gasp in surprise.

"like my dream," Liam says solemnly. Zayn nods sadly.

"When are we leaving," Harry asks

"As soon as I pack," Zayn says

"No worried we already packed for you we can leave now," Louis says the boys leave immediately.


"Hi we are here for Niall Horan," they say as they run up to the receptionist desk. The woman looks up startled then smiles at them kindly.

"I can take you to his room now and have someone come in and speak to you about his condition." The woman says kindly. "Oh, and the twins are in there as well. I don't know how well they have been sleeping through."

"Thank you so much. Have you heard from a Lou Teasdale or Paul Higgin or Greg Horan." Louis asks.

"Yeah, Lou Teasdale stopped by earlier to visit Niall. And Greg Horan is currently in surgery." The woman says the boys gasp in shock. The woman stood up and they followed her to the hospital to Niall's room. When they arrived they saw two beds one where a pale Niall laid. The other bed was filled with the twins. Finn appeared to have a cast on his leg and Cara had a cast on her arm.

I really have no clue where I was going with this chapter, but I hope you enjoy. This chapter sets up for the next one amazingly. Next chapter will be at some point... not sure when but maybe today. Anyway thanks for all the reads and voting! 

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