Chapter 8

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The boys boarded the private plane that they had decided to get. They were met by fans when they finally arrived in England. The boys signed some stuff and took pictures with their fans.

"What happened to Niall? Why did he leave? Is he okay?" One of the fans asked making the boys all stop in their tracks. Harry opened his mouth and responded with a simple I don't know. Which made the fan frown and pout, she realized that it probably meant that Niall had left because of problems in the actual band. The same fan spotted Lou, Lux and Paul all walking together behind the boys and asked the same questions.

"Niall is okay I'm sure he would appreciate you asking he left because he needed to spend time with family and I'll let you in on a secret he had been having a hard time in the band because the boys started ignoring him." Lou said to the fan who looked upset at the revelation, but she promised not to tell anyone just like Lou asked her to. "Do you have a twitter an Instagram or Snapchat?"

"Yeah it's..." the girl said "why"

"I'm going to make Niall DM or follow you maybe both" lou said smiling at the girl who squealed in happiness. The boys watched as she excitedly walked away. It was clear to them that she and probably many of her friends she has met because of their band are upset and if it gets out that they are the reason for Niall leaving the band then some of them may start to hate them. Soon they were all in the car heading to their homes.

"Lou can you make sure Niall is okay and ask him to call us?" Zayn asks hopefully Lou sighs from inside the car. She glances at Lux who was sleeping in her carrier. Zayn and the rest of the boys give her a hopeful look.

"Yeah, I guess I'll see what I can do. However; I make no promises so don't come crawling to me complaining if he decides not to call you." Lou says finally making the boys cheer. "Remember he needs his time, what you did to him really hurt his feelings. On that note I will see you in two weeks when we start the tour up again. Maybe if you fix things with Niall over the phone I can try to convince him to see you before we head off."

"That would be great Lou thank you!" Louis says enthusiastically with his accent a bit thicker like it always gets when he shows his emotions more. Louis gives Lou a big hug and the rest of the boys give her hugs as well before they make their way into their empty home. The first thing that they noticed was that many of Niall's possessions were no longer there. He had left a few things like a blanket over the couch and other tiny things like that. The boys all rushed into the bedroom that they all shared to find a note on the bed.

'Hi boys,

you must be on the break now. I came by a few times to get my stuff, but I couldn't remember what was mine and what wasn't. I looked in my dresser but I couldn't tell what clothes were mine and what wasn't so I ended up leaving most of it. You can take your stuff and throw out all of my stuff or you can text Ed and drop it off at his place he already said it was okay. Anyway sorry it had to end the way it did I just wasn't sure if you knew i existed anymore and couldn't take it...


When the boys finished reading they all grabbed something of Niall's and that's how they fell asleep that night wrapped up in some of Niall's old clothes cuddling and crying.

Hi sorry for the short chapter it is kindof just a filler To get ready  for the next one... but I updated. Also this story already has 3k reads thank you so much to all of you that read this! Maybe if i can get my brain to work I will write another chapter and update.

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