Chapter 13

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Paul and Lou had been a huge help. Niall had been able to get 1 song with the lyrics finished and the guitar portion completed. All that was left was the rest of the piano part and recording which he would hopefully be doing when he goes back to England. He had been in contact with his new management and they said they were excited for the songs and to work with him.

"Ni come play with us!" Cara says pouting as she walks into the room where she and Finn had been staying. Niall was currently packing some of their belongings because they were supposed to be leaving the following day.

"In a minute Cara I'm just finishing this up quickly then we can go out for the day okay?" Niall asks rhetorically, but he receives a yes in response. As Niall works Cara waits impatiently for him to finish and rolls his eyes."While you're waiting why don't you go see if Lou needs help with Lux?"

"Fine," Cara huffs stomping out of the room. Niall rolls his eyes once again he knows that his uncle had spoiled the twins relentlessly because he wanted them happy before he died, but it seems that he went a little bit too far. Either that or Cara was just in a mood it was probably the latter option though. Niall sighed as he folded the last of that pile of shirts and placed it in the box labeled Finn. This was even more exhausting because Cara and Finn were young enough that this couldn't be done by themselves. Luckily it was only 11 in the morning and Niall wasn't completely exhausted.

"Hey," Niall hear Lou say from somewhere in the house.

"Hey, is Cara helping?" Niall asks after finally finding Lou. (I couldn't think of a place so just think of something)

"Yeah she's watching Lux and Theo while I pack Lux's stuff cause we are leaving tonight." Lou says making Niall sigh in relief.

"Where did Paul go?" Niall suddenly realizing the older man's disappearance.

"Oh I had asked him for a sandwich jokingly thinking he would say no, but know he's out getting me a sandwich." Lou explains Niall chuckles softly because she honestly should have known that he actually would do it because he had done it for Niall multiple times. Especially during his rough patches.

"Okay, well I am going to go out with Cara and Finn. Do you want me to take Theo as well or are you okay with watching him?" Niall question standing up from the couch. He had gotten a text from Greg last night saying that he and denise were going to spend the night at the hotel. To which Niall replied 'fine but you totally owe me one'.

"Uh I should be able to watch him, just get back here before 19 hours okay?" Lou asks rhetorically.(I think my new favorite word at the moment is rhetorically.) Niall nods anyway.

"Cara and Finn come here we are going out for the day!" Niall yells a few seconds later Cara comes running into the unnamed room soon followed by a much calmer Finn.

"Where are we going?" Cara asks jumping up and down in excitement. Niall moves his head up and down for a moment watching her jump before stopping.

"Um I haven't quite figured that out, but we can go get some food for now?" Niall says trying, Cara nods excitedly.

"Can we get McDonald's?" Finn speaks up for the first time in the conversation. Actually that might have been the first time that Niall had heard him speak at all that day because the young boy is so silent. Niall thinks for a moment not really wanting to get McDonald because it was so unhealthy and also because he didn't want them to get into the habit of getting fast food cause it was only meant for a treat every once and awhile. Also when you travel as much as Niall has fast food gets old fast. Finally Niall relents and agrees to getting McDonalds. In the back of his head he could hear the boy's reaction to him getting the twins mcdonald's.

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