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Let's Go Home (One Direction) {on Hold}  by _swiftstyles_
Let's Go Home (One Direction) { Veronika
It has been 5 years since Zayn left One Direction and pursued his solo career. And then the band split and the other members too went in different directions. But what h...
I'm Fine - Nouis fanfiction by mirrorkyaw
I'm Fine - Nouis fanfictionby Mmh
Niall was happy. Key word, was. Now niall is fine, at least that's what he told the others. However a certain band member might be able to see past the lies. But, maybe...
Barren by HunterMay18
Barrenby Hunter May 🏇
[BOOK ONE OF THE BLACK AND WHITE SERIES] Harry decides to leave Louis when they find out he can't have children... but what if that wasn't all that true? idea credit to:...
Niall Centric One Shots by PRAYFORMYWRITING
Niall Centric One Shotsby PRAYFORMYWRITING
Short stories about your favorite boys :) I only write boyxboy. Generally long updates. Niall Centrics. Zayn is included. Feel free to request, my inbox is always open o...
Skittles⚣Nouis✔️ by CockyLilo
Skittles⚣Nouis✔️by Pete Wentz Trash™️
"Why does your ass always taste like skittles?" "Taste the rainbow, be the rainbow, Daddy." Louis likes Skittles Niall likes Louis All rights reser...
Yes Sir {Zainourry}  by BABIELOUXOTB
Yes Sir {Zainourry} by Arch
Liam, Zayn , Harry and Niall are all happily married, the problem is there all dominant. What happens when they come across a sassy smol boy named Louis Tomlinson who ca...
The Next Morning //Nouis// boyxboy ✅ by Meshii
The Next Morning //Nouis// chantelle
*2nd in the Nouis category of the Bromance Awards 2016* After a wild night out partying, Louis and Niall find themselves in bed, next to each other, completely naked. Wi...
Make me yours by randymyqueen
Make me yoursby randymyqueen
Niall needs a job, but what happens if he starts working for Mr. Styles and Mr. Tomlinson and what if they take an interest in the small boy? (Currently taking a small b...
The Group chat-Zarry/Nouis(little bit of Lilo) by zarry_is_my_OTP
The Group chat-Zarry/Nouis( Zarry Stylik
Niall starts a group chat and everything comes into the light Hearts get broken... Hearts get mended...
Arranged to the king by Ammuali7
Arranged to the kingby Umme
*Complete* Harry styles, a 18 years old normal British citizen, who lives with his best friend. Nawab Zayn, a 26 years old Pakistani king, always surrounded by his King...
A Nouis Instagram Story (Complete) by more-like
A Nouis Instagram Story (Complete)by K3V1Z
louist91 You've still got me little Fred -----‐‐‐---------------------------- niallhoran I think we should meet up ------------------------------------ niallhoran has fo...
Run  (Zianourry) by averagefangirl56
Run (Zianourry)by Payton
This is the story of an ignored Niall and how he dealt with it. By leaving one direction. Takes place during the Where We are Now tour. Hey! The story will be better th...
He's My... My Teacher?! (Zainourry) by loveann13
He's My... My Teacher?! (Zainourry)by Anneke
Niall Horan is a new teacher at Cheshire High, what happens when he meet 4 interesting students. Tbh I'm not really writing this for others, I had a dream about this and...
Little white lies by 5sos_2021
Little white liesby A.J
When Louis lies about his status, saying he's a beta where he is actually an omega Alphas; Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn But what will happen if the alphas find out about his...
eight years later; nouis by niallstomlinson
eight years later; nouisby niallstomlinson
eight years after one direction has ended, niall and louis reconnect.
Mistletoe [nouis] by chaotic-witch
Mistletoe [nouis]by h.a.
"Dear Santa, I just want my dad to be in love. Maybe that new guy down the street?" The one where Louis' daughter ask's "Santa" for her father to fa...
Count your blessings by Aizaiz11
Count your blessingsby Aizaiz11
Harrys kind of has a crush, or 4, and he knows it'll never be reciprocated. But what if it was? Warnings: Homophobia Abuse ⚠️This book is inspired by "fall for you...
𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 reaction pics + fb memes  by Cordens-5-Angels
𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 ˚✧₊⁎༚lou is bby⁎⁺˳✧༚
hola besties, here are some 1D reaction pics ( and fb memes ) for you to save, use and annoy the shit out of ur friends with<3 YUHH NUMBER 88 in #NOUISHORANSON WE'RE...
miss you • n.h by jesssoot
miss you • n.hby jess
au (alternate universe) louis: shit. maybe i miss you delivered at 3:22am read at 4:38am or where louis and niall had dated but louis messed up and now he's leaving drun...
Since We Were 18 ⭐Nouis⭐ by DYoongiT
Since We Were 18 ⭐Nouis⭐by MinJinx
"You know what I find interesting?" I looked up at him and shook my head. "Human hands." I gave him a confused look. "Why?" "Because...