We Got Married (Doyoung)

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Doyoung was nervous.  Nervous couldn't even begin to describe it.  

"Relax," his older brother Gong Myung rubbed his shoulders.  "You're going to do just fine." 

But Doyoung knew he was not going to do "just fine."  He was probably going to either say or do something wrong and end up ruining the entire show.  That was what "just fine" meant to him.  He was also slightly insecure.  Gong Myung had been confident on the show.  And he knew how to handle girls.  The closest he got to dealing with a girl was Mark and Haechan going through puberty.  Believe me.  That was something you did not want to see.  

"You just have to pretend you're married to the girl.  That's all.  There don't even have to be feelings.  And you only kiss if you want to.  Nothing is forced," Gong Myung massaged his shoulders, trying to relieve some of his little brother's tension.  

Of course this stuff would be easy for his brother.  He was an actor.  He was paid to act.  He could live and breathe another persona, but Doyoung couldn't do the same.  He hated that Gong Myung had suggested him for the reality show "We Got Married."

Gong Myung disappeared and came back with a new face.  You were petite and very beautiful although he couldn't make out much of your face because you were looking down, your hair shielding half your face.  

"She's been wanting to talk to you, but she was too shy, so I thought I could help her out by introducing her to you."

"No need," Doyoung smiled warmly.  "So, are you a fan or-"

"Well, I'm actually a huge fan, but I'm supposed to be your wife on the show."

Instead of freaking out, Doyoung couldn't help but laugh.  You were painfully shy, and you looked more nervous than he was.  Staring at you, he felt like he was responsible for you.  "What's your name?" he asked, and he noticed you biting your low lip.

"Y/N," you muttered.  "Sorry.  I looked in the mirror this morning and promised myself I wouldn't get nervous.  I'm not usually nervous, and oh gosh now I'm rambling, and you probably think I'm some annoying fangirl who you're stuck with for this show.  I ruin everything, don't I?" you laughed bitterly.

At this point, Gong Myung had already left, meaning you and Doyoung were alone.  "I promise I don't think you're annoying.  Like you actually seem really cool and stuff, and I think we'll click really well on the show.  What are your hobbies?"

You looked up, and he got a proper glimpse of your face.  Suddenly, he was the nervous one.  Your looks were really no joke.  He detected minimal traces of makeup on your face that only enhanced your already glowing features.  But most of all, he loved your smile.  As soon as he had mentioned "hobbies" a beam had spread across your now excited face.  

"Well, I have a lot of hobbies, but I absolutely love baking.  I can make really cool cakes and stuff.  And hiking!  I love hiking.  I live near mountains, so I go hiking pretty often.  I actually got this scar on my wrist from when I fell once."

Doyoung moved closer, taking your wrist in his hands and rubbing a thumb over the faded scar.  "Well, someone certainly seems brave.  Cooking and hiking take a lot of courage.  Ummm, the other NCT members don't let me in the kitchen for... reasons."

"Omg, really?  Why?"

Doyoung smiled.  He was glad he could get you out of your shell.  "Um, when I cook, the food doesn't get burnt.  The pan does."

You burst into laughter.  "My goodness.  If you're willing to learn, then I'm willing to teach.  Sharing my cooking passions with others is basically part of my hobby." 

A few weeks later, the two of you had grown more than comfortable working together on the show.  Now, you had to shoot a scene where you two were in the kitchen cooking, and Doyoung had to try and kiss you somehow.  That was the secret mission he was given.  The two of you definitely had chemistry together.  Over the weeks, you had come to accept your growing feelings for the idol you adored.  And Doyoung found it hard when you weren't around.  

While you were rinsing the tomatoes in the sink, Doyoung pressed his stomach to your back, hugging you from behind.  His arms wrapped around your waist, and you felt tingles run down your spine.  

"You're so talented, honey," he whispered in your ear, and goosebumps sprung to life on the back of your neck, very visible to Doyoung since your hair was pinned up in a bun.  "You've already made so much food, but what I want isn't on the table."

"What is it you want, then?  If you tell me, I can try and make it for you," you grinned, spinning around, and Doyoung took the opportunity to press you against the fridge, caging you in his arms.  

"Doyoung," you breathed, your cheeks redder than the tomato in your hand.  

He leaned forward but stopped right before his lips met yours.  "I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do this show, but you proved to me what love is."

"What is love?"

"This."  And your lips collided.

The tingly sensation exploded like a supernova throughout your body.  Your mind burned hot, and you could only focus on the person in front of you.  You only saw him, wanted him, couldn't imagine being with someone other than him.  

"This is love," he told you, and you placed your fingers over your still-trembling lips.  

"I think I understand now.  Love is an inexplainable feeling.  Something that makes you happy and something that makes you sad.  It's when someone trusts you with their heart.  And I know I would trust you with mine."

Doyoung smiled at her eloquent words.  "Good.  I intend on caring and looking after it forever.  I hope you can do the same." 

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