You Belong With Me (Yuta)

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Even though the two of you had been friends since middle school, you had to admit, you were heartbroken.  Did it make sense that you were happy yet sad?  Nakamoto Yuta had found a girlfriend, and that girlfriend wasn't you.  Why were you happy?  Because he had found someone, of course.  You only wanted what was the best for him.  

After a month or so, you realized that this girl he was with was, in fact, the not best for him.  She was subtly hurting him, altering his thoughts, so they were no longer his own.  She barely understood him. 

Meanwhile, Yuta heaved a deep sigh.  He had his girlfriend on the phone, and he wanted to hang up and not put up with her whining.  Earlier, he had made a joke about the dress she had been wearing.  Apparently, not everyone wanted to be called a marshmallow.  Whatever.  I guess it could be offensive, but it seemed that everything he said bothered his girlfriend recently.

"Listen, I said I'm sorry.  I was just joking.  I thought you liked my jokes," Yuta muttered.

"Shut up, Yuta.  You always take your little jokes too far.  You have to remember that they're not funny to everyone.  Think before you speak, baby."

You collapsed on the bed, thinking about your childhood friend once again.  There were journal entries all about Yuta and his little ways that you adored.  What had he seen in that girl that he didn't see in you?

Well, she did wear short skirts, revealing a little too much when she bent over to pick up something she "accidentally" dropped.  However, you and skirts didn't exactly get along.  You were more of a t-shirt type of gal.  You remembered that time you went to Yuta's soccer game to cheer him on and seeing him wave at his girlfriend who was captain of the cheerleading team.  I'll always be here, Nakamoto Yuta you thought while closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep. 

You dreamed of that time you and Yuta had gone out for ice cream on the boardwalk after a rough day.  Both of you hadn't done too hot on a test, so you had gone out that afternoon to cheer each other up.  His messy, tousled hair never looked better than ever, and his radiant smile shone brighter than the sun.  Back then, he wore faded, worn-out jeans and a tee.  He had looked good in even something that simple.  After getting your ice cream, the two of you sat down on a bench, laughing like everything was all right.  Why couldn't that moment have lasted for forever?  Slowly opening your teary eyes, you shook those thoughts out of your head.

Suddenly, you felt the urge to call him.  Calling him out of the ordinary wouldn't seem strange since you did it all the time.  Patiently, you waited for him to pick up.  He always did.

"Yo, what's up?" you grinned when the call connected.

"Nothing much."  His voice was soft and quiet.  Many a nights, you'd heard that voice.  It only came out when Yuta got into an argument with his girlfriend.  And then you tried to tell him that maybe she was only dragging him down, and he'd get all defensive.  It was a constant cycle of pain for the both of you.  

"You're not all right.  You guys fought again?"  Last time the two of them fought, you showed up at his house with junk food and a list of funny YouTube videos to cheer him up like old times.  

"I'm fine."

You sighed, and Yuta could hear the concern in that one gesture even though he couldn't see you.  "You're not fine.  How long are you gonna say that?  How long are you going to keep getting hurt like this?  When will you wake up?"

Yuta hung up and held his head in his hands.  It was true.  His girlfriend had only caused him pain.  What had he even liked about her in the first place?  Was it the fact that she wore high heels?  Or maybe all those layers of makeup?  What was it?  

His eyes wandered over to the photo of you and him back in freshman year of high school.  You both were juniors, now.  So much had changed in so little time.  Taking the photo frame into his hands, he ran the pad of his thumb over your smiling face.  You didn't wear high heels, short skirts, or mounds of makeup.  You wore t-shirts, worn out sneakers, and chapstick.  You'd always been there for him.  You always took his side and supported him.

Yuta grabbed his jacket laying on his chair and ran out of the house.  You only lived a block away, but the ran this time felt longer than ever.  His lungs were clawing for air, and the wind against his cheeks stung.  

Without hesitation, he rang the doorbell, and smiled when you opened it.  "Y/N," he panted.  You furrowed your brows at his pink cheeks and worn out expression.  

"Yuta, it's so cold out.  Come inside."  You pulled him into your house.  Your parents knew him very well and didn't ask questions when they randomly showed up.  That's how close you two were.

"Okay, tell me everything," you smiled, and Yuta felt so guilty seeing you so happy.  You always smiled.

"There's not much to say, anymore.  I'm done with that girl.  And I'm sorry."


"Sorry for how much I've bothered you with my problems.  It's always me complaining to you, and you never tell me what you're going through because I never give you the chance."

You smiled when he took his hands in yours.  

"I realize that it's not that girl at all.  You belong with me."


A/N: This was such a cool request.  It was based off Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me".  

Also, I'll be updating my other full NCT fanfic every Wednesday, so be sure to check that out too!  

One more thing!  Remember to smile.  With the recent events that have happened in the Kpop world, I would like to say that you're never alone.  If you ever feel alone, don't hesitate to message me because I'll be there to make you smile and lift you up.  The world is like a clock with the people as its parts.  A clock needs all its parts to keep ticking.  Show the people around you love.  BTS even said it.  You Never Walk Alone.  <3

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