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Christy's POV

I woke up with a bit of a bounce to my step and I was actually excited to get to class to see James, which I never thought would happen in this lifetime.

Grabbing a quick shower I hopped out and applied some light makeup and took time to blow dry and straighten my hair before dressing in skinny jeans, a beaded tank top and some ballet flats. I knew I was going a bit overboard but couldn't seem to help myself.

Somehow seeing James had become the highlight of my day, and I hadn't even seen him yet.

Skipping over to my books, I swiped them up and bolted out the door making my way to Ryan's room to walk to class with him.

Just as I reached up to knock the door flew open making me take a step back in alarm. There, standing in front of me was Ryan's room mate whom I couldn't be bothered learn the name of since he was disgusting.

"Hey baby, coming back to take me up on my offer? My bed isn't exactly a virgin anymore though, but we can pretend if you'd like?" He leered while waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Snorting at his extremely unappealing offer, I shoved past him and looked around the room.

"Where's Ryan?"

"Oh, so it's his stick you want to shift," He stated as though he'd had some amazing epiphany.

Giving him a disgusted look, I walked over and punched him in the arm as hard as I could. "You are absolutely revolting, and no I don't want to 'shift his stick' as you so eloquently put it...Pig," I mumbled. "Now where is he?"

"Oh, he already left for class. Said something about having to talk to the professor before class started, I think...," He replied scrunching his face in thought like he was in pain for having to think at all. Where the hell did this reject come from?

Then his words sank in. Shit! Hauling my ass out of there, I sprinted to class making it there in record time only to see Ryan sitting at his desk and James sitting at his as well.

Making my way forward I darted my eyes between the two suspiciously and noticed they were both beaming back at me which thoroughly confused me.

"What's going on in here?" I asked curiously, feeling slightly anxious that the two of them had been alone in the same room - and seemed to be getting along. I mean they had done the whole fist bump thing but I figured that was just a spur of the moment, one time deal.

"Why would you think something was going on?" Ryan asked, a little too innocently for my liking.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I moved closer so we were eye to eye. "Maybe I wasn't clear enough before. What. Were. You. Discussing?" I emphasized each word to get my point across. There was no way I was going to be put off when I knew damn well they had been talking about me.

"Geez, pushy much? We were just talking about the story we read for today. Nothing special so chill."

"Ryan, how long have we known each other?" I questioned randomly. I watched him shift in his seat uncomfortably and couldn't help the smirk that took over.

"Christy?" James called out effectively diverting my attention.

"Yes?" I called back raising an eyebrow questioningly.

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