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Christy’s POV


Standing there with Scott’s spittle drying on my face, I wasn’t quite sure if I should be thanking Professor Garrett for showing up, or cursing my luck that I now had to deal with him too. 

Weren’t these supposed to be some of the "best years of my life?" So why is it that in less than a week I just wanted to throw in the towel? 

Maybe I could become a stripper…  I mean they make decent money, right?

No, can’t do that.  Too many arsehole men…

I stood there racking my brain for several moments trying to come up with a job that pays alright without a college degree, but alas, I was rudely brought out of my musings by someone clearing their throat.

Snapping my head up my gaze locked back onto a pair of piercing blue eyes.  Good lord, did I just refer to that douchebags eyes as "piercing?"  I really needed to get away from this place; it was obviously driving me to a state of insanity.

Wonder if I snapped and took them both out if I could plead insanity…  I mean, really I would be doing society a favor, so technically I shouldn’t even be punished, right?  Right.  Sounds logical, to me at least…

Sighing, I went to respond when Scott cut me off.  “Everything is fine.  Why don’t you run along and mind your own business?  No one asked you to interfere,” He retorted obstinately while his eyes sent daggers in Professor Garrett’s direction. 

“I don’t believe I was talking to you, and it is my business because Miss Evans is supposed to be in my class right now,” Professor Garrett retaliated.  He looked seriously peeved at this point. 

The two of them were glaring at each other with so much animosity it was making me nervous.  Really didn’t need them to throw down in the hall over their egos.  But at the same time I just wanted to get the hell outta there. 

Making sure they weren’t paying any attention to me, I slowly dipped down from where Scott was still caging me in. Slowly I crept away, praying they wouldn’t notice my amazing escape.  As I finished descending the stairs and made my way to class without either of them noticing, I silently congratulated myself on my awesome ninja skills.

With a big shitty grin on my face I opened the door to enter the classroom when I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder.

“Care to explain what that was all about Miss Evans?”

Damn.  So close.  I felt my smile slip off my face to be replaced by a scowl of frustration.  Mentally, I reprimanded myself for not having awesome ninja skills after all, before replying to Professor Garrett, “Nope.  Don’t believe that was or is any of your concern.  Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get this class over with.  So why don’t you let go so we can work on that?”

Not bothering to even glance in his direction, I shrugged his hand off of my shoulder and made my way to my seat.  Slamming my books down with more force than was necessary, I caught Ryan giving me his ‘what the hell' look, but just rolled my eyes and plopped down in my seat before laying my head down and burying it in my arms.

I again heard that annoying clearing of the throat but decided to ignore it.  I was close to drifting off when a hand smashed down on my desk inches away from my head.  Jerking up, I almost fell off my chair and did an ass plant on the floor.

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