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Christy’s POV


He laughed at me so hard he snorted!  He actually frigging snorted!

I could feel the warmth of my blush start at my chest and work its way up to my hairline, making me look like a very ripe tomato.  Then I felt a brush of cool air hit my chest and remembered that I was only in a towel which only added to my current mortification, which in turn caused my rage to once again kick in. 

What was with this guy?  No one has ever pissed me off this often and to this level - in my entire life!

Giving him one last glare, I turned on my heel and slammed the door shut only to have another tap come from the other side again.  Trying to take deep calming breaths I ground out a hostile, “Go away!”

For some reason this caused a few more chuckles to emanate from him before he said, “Open the door Miss Evans.  I’m here to introduce myself.”

“What the hell are you on about?”  I bit out.  “I know who you are, you’re my douchebag English teacher who I can’t stand, who is making my life hell and is apparently taking great pleasure out of it!”  Okay, maybe that was taking things a bit too far…

“Miss Evans, you WILL open this door by the time I count to three, or you WILL regret it!” He snapped out, clearly not amused anymore.

Sighing I shuffled my way back to the door and flung it open as he was about to say three.  “What do you want Professor Garrett,” I asked in a mock sweet tone while batting my eyelashes at him.  I noticed his gaze take in my towel clad body and could have sworn I saw a hint of lust flash in his eyes before he covered it up with a look of amusement. 

Flashing his irritating smirk at me, he cooed, “Why Miss Evans, I know you find me attractive but really you should have some decency.”  He looked down at his hands as though examining his fingernails and continued, “I’m sorry, I’m just not into you that way.  I prefer girls who are less…well…you.”

“I’m only asking one more time, WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?!” I shouted at him, completely ignoring his prior idiotic statement.  As if I’d want a smug, conceited ass to like me anyways, I let out a soft, amused snort at the thought.

“Oh, yes.  I was just making my rounds to introduce myself, as I tried to tell you before you so rudely slammed your door in my face.  You really should learn to control yourself.  Your parents would surely be upset by your complete lack of manners,” He rambled on.

“Would you just get to the point?” I snapped.  I could see him trying to stifle more laughter, and could only wonder how this immature douche was able to manage to get a job as a professor in the first place, and who the hell was dumb enough to hire him.

Suddenly he jutted out his hand in my direction, causing me to look at it in confusion and more than a little apprehension.

Chuckling at me he said with amusement, “It won’t bite you.”

Rolling my eyes at him I responded dryly, “I’m more worried about catching something, though with whatever you might be carrying, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did bite.”  I couldn’t help the look of disgust that entered my eyes, altering my facial expression to something akin to horror at the thought.

Finally he dropped his hand, rolling his eyes at me in the process.  He then straightened his shoulder and sent me an evil grin. “So, as I was saying before being so rudely interrupted for the umpteenth time,” He sent me a slight glare.  “I’m James Garrett and I’ll be your mentor for this floor.”  His grin widened as he continued, “It’ll be interesting getting to know you better…neighbor.”

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